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and we’re back

Hi! Sorry I went missing for a couple days. I came down with a nice little case of strep throat on Monday/Tuesday and was down for the count. I’m on meds and back in action now, though! And we have a lot to catch up on.

How was the rest of your Memorial Day weekend? We soaked up the final bits of sun on Sunday (it was overcast and rainy on Monday) by testing out some stand up paddleboards. 0524151147
I’ve never tried paddleboarding before. It was really fun! And I only fell off about eight times. And screamed my head off a little bit while my parents laughed and videotaped us.

We wrapped up our last night at the lake with an awesome meal — grilled steak! My parents shop at a little store down the road that stocks lots of local and organic meats from nearby farms. These steaks were super tasty. Vino on the side!_DSC0022Finished up with a run the next morning. This isn’t me posing for a picture — this is me sprinting away from a wasp in sheer terror. Another one of my finest moments captured on camera. 0525150952aWe did a loop that is about six miles (I don’t know for sure because my Garmin doesn’t work in these woods) and decided to race the last three. We finished miles 1-3 in 24:20, so our goal was to complete the last three in under 21 minutes. Anthony finished in about 19:30 and I finished at 20:49! Considering the trail was slick and hilly (and that I was unknowingly sick at the time), I was really proud of us. That was fun.

Later that day we headed over to my sister’s house for a sibling grill out! My brother in law tended the grill while the rest of us played with the kiddos._DSC0027We brought the veggie skewers! Pro tip: Soak the skewers in water for a good 20 minutes before you grill them. It keeps them from catching on fire._DSC0029Flash forward through yesterday, because all I did was sit in bed with my computer and a box of Kleenex.

And here we are today on a run! Everything is green and it felt so good to be outside. After yesterday, I had serious cabin fever. But luckily not an actual fever anymore. Ha.0527150640Anthony and I met up with East Nasty for a humid jog through the city.0527150616I took it nice and slow since I’m not quite feeling 100% yet. Around mile five we even made a pit stop at Bongo Java for an air conditioning/water/bathroom break. Anthony thought this rustic bench/artistic sculpture was pretty cool…0527150632…but then a few miles later we found this beautiful abandoned sofa chair. I almost sat down in it but decided to do a sorority girl squat from a safe, sanitary distance instead. 0527150643aGlad to be all caught up and back on track again. Have a great day!

  • Ever tried stand up paddleboarding?
  • How long does it take you to bounce back from a cold/strep/flu?
  • Are you afraid of bugs?


8 thoughts on “and we’re back

  1. ugh! Glad to hear you’re hearing better. I definitely would be running away from the wasp too! I am NOT a fan of anything creepy or crawly. I haven’t tried paddleboarding yet, but we have plans to do it this summer once it warms up. It’s still pretty cool here!

  2. Glad you rebounded fairly quickly! My family had a BBQ this weekend with skewers too and my granny told us to soak the wood skewers in cold water for 20 minutes too! A trick my mom and I had both never heard.

  3. I love stand up paddle boarding and hopefully I’ll be doing it in the ocean next week!!!
    I’m so sorry you had strep. I feel like it takes a week (after I’m well again) to get my regular energy and strength back.

  4. That’s awful about the strep! I find it takes me three-four days on antibiotics to really feel better. This one time I was hiking and a gigantic fly followed me for miles – that freaked me out!