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track workout + CookSmarts update

Hi there! How’s your Thursday shaping up? Mine started at the track.0528150641eThe lineup: 2 x 1600 (4 laps around the track) + 3 x 1000 (2.5 laps around the track). My mile times were 6:31 and 6:34; my 1000s came in at 3:59; 4:08; and 4:00. It was one of the toughest track workouts of 2015 for sure. At least I felt speedy in my Brooks Mach 16s — which, by the way, are on sale for $25 today a 6pm.com. Amazing.0528150641We finished off the workout with some fence hopping as usual.0528150642cOn the food front, I have an update on our CookSmarts adventure! I officially signed up for a three-month subscription and am loving the program so far. On Sunday, my grocery list was already printed and ready to go, and this week’s dinners have been quick and easy.

Our first meal of the week was shrimp and sausage gumbo.cooksmarts_sausage&shrimp_gumbo_DSC0038I’ve never made gumbo before and only had it a few times in my life, so I can’t speak to how authentic our gumbo truly was. I can say that it was darn tasty though.

I like the CookSmarts recipes because they have short ingredient lists — but typically have one or two unexpected touches! For example, the gumbo recipe featured a fresh squeeze of lime.cooksmarts_sausage&shrimp_gumbo_DSC0033The serving sizes are reasonable, too. We made the four-serving recipe and had enough leftover for lunch the next day. Yum.cooksmarts_sausage&shrimp_gumbo_DSC0032On Wednesday I whipped up our second recipe of the week: Cajun skillet pasta. I loved that this recipe featured some of the same ingredients as the gumbo (meaning no leftover peppers, onion, or sausage awkwardly sitting in my fridge), but had new spices and flavors to change things up.cooksmarts_cajun_skillet_pasta_DSC0041The creamy sauce was a mix of tomatoes and light sour cream — not too heavy, but still rich in flavor. We topped our pasta with parmesan cheese for good measure…cooksmarts_cajun_skillet_pasta_DSC0042and the special touch in this recipe: a dash of lemon juice and a drizzle of hot sauce! I’d never think of pairing those two ingredients with pasta, but somehow it worked.trader_joes_jalepeno_hot_sauce_DSC0039I’d already chopped the veggies for this meal on Monday, so putting the rest of it together last night took about 25 minutes. We sat down for dinner before 7:30, which is a big win for us. We even had time to go for a walk around the neighborhood and watch an episode of Parks & Recreation before bedtime! We are obsessed with Parks and Rec right now btw. Any other fans out there?cooksmarts_cajun_skillet_pasta_DSC0045Next on the menu is a slow-cooker chicken recipe that I’m excited to try. I’m making it tomorrow and hope that Anthony saves me some leftovers for when I return back home on Sunday! (subtle hint for you dear) I’m off to DC/Baltimore for the weekend and am looking forward to spending time with some good girlfriends.

Have a great day!

  • What was your last track workout like?
  • How long does it take you to cook dinner on a weeknight?
  • Any travel plans for the weekend?

5 thoughts on “track workout + CookSmarts update

  1. You look strong out there!
    We did a brick workout this week. I’m still not pushing super hard on my speed workouts but it feels good to get some turnover.
    It usually takes me an hour to cook dinner.
    I’m going to the beach this weekend!!!

  2. $25 is an amazing price for shoes! Have you bought anything from that website before?
    I’m traveling to Indianapolis this weekend. Have a safe trip!