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DC/baltimore girls’ weekend in only 100 photos

Good Monday morning! We have a lot to catch up on. Sorry I didn’t pop in on Friday — I was on a plane bright and early to DC and never had time to stop!0529150805I walked/metro-ed/Uber-ed/carpooled all over the city to meet up with some girlfriends for the day. First, a walk with Anne!0529151247
We grabbed iced teas and strolled around the neighborhood. It was so nice seeing her — I miss my running buddy!

We even spotted some street furniture during our walk. I took this a sign that the weekend was going to be perfect.0529151205Anne and I parted ways and then Catherine (my DC running pal since 2010, which we realized was FIVE years ago) picked me up for lunch. Although the sign behind us says Jumbo Slice, we actually went to…0529151440
The Diner, an Adams Morgan classic. Their kale salad was awesome. Over lunch, Catherine and I caught up on everything — including her Boston recap! So much running talk all day. I was in heaven. And yes, that’s a bloody Mary on my right. It was the weekend, after all…P1010879Then I made my way down to Dupont Circle and spotted a mattress along the way. The street furniture gods were on my side!0529151457My last DC date: A drink with Jessie! She’s not a runner but is my best blog reader so I basically consider her a running friend too. We met up at a bar we used to go to when we worked together a few years ago. Just like old times :)0529151740aAt this point I’d walked approximately 1000 miles through 85-degree DC with my giant overnight bag, so I splurged on a cab to the train station but got stuck in rush hour traffic. Oh, DC. So I ended up sprinting half a mile to make my train — add that to the weekly mileage report.

Luckily I made it just in time! I crashed during the 40-minute ride to Baltimore, met Meredith at the train station, and was at Alanna’s apartment before I knew it. Look what she had ready for us:P1010881Wine and cheese! Long-time readers will know that this is a little tradition I have with my college girlfriends. This wine and cheese night was extra special because it was Meredith’s birthday! Alanna made a fabulous peanut butter chocolate cake for the occasion. HBD Meredith!P1010884We stayed up way too late drinking way too much wine and catching up. I even slept in until NINE O’CLOCK the next day which is a record for me.

Saturday started off slow and then picked up rather quickly! Miriam arrived in the morning and the four of us spent the day strolling through Fells Point and Canton.0530151309aBeing really cool since 2006:

The rest of the day was spent walking, eating, drinking, shopping, and chatting, i.e. my favorite hobbies. Leah arrived in the afternoon and the bachelorette crew was officially reunited!0530151841Since we last got together, there have been promotions, graduations, engagements, new jobs, and new cities. Cheers to that.0530151808We finished off the weekend with dinner at Woodberry Kitchen. We split a bunch of small plates and a few entrees — including two orders of the scallops because they were actually the best thing any of us had ever eaten in our lives. Not kidding!2015-05-30One final group shot:0530152155bI know this post is getting super long but this is a running blog or something so I feel like I should share that too. 0531150708Since I slept right through my Saturday long run, I decided to knock it out on Sunday instead. It was fun running through my old streets — I even made a stop at campus to look at the library that was my home for four years.0531150720and I did a lap around Lake Montebello — remember that from my tour de Baltimore a few years back?0531150740After I looped through Charles Village I made my way back through Mt.Vernon (holy hills!) and to the Inner Harbor. 0531150841Water all around! 0531150843I can’t say that I felt amazing on this run (see pizza, cake, cheese, and beer pictured above) but I was able to push the pace for the last four miles. My last long-ish run before the race on Saturday!0531150857If you made it all the way through this post, you win a Minutes per Mile reader of the year award. Shoot me an email and I will send you a loaf of bread. Have a good day!

  • Favorite neighborhood in DC and/or Baltimore? (Adams Morgan & Fells Point)
  • How long is your last long run before a half marathon? (12 mile progression run seems to do the trick for me)
  • Where did you go to college? When did you graduate? (Johns Hopkins – class of 2010 but I graduated in 2009)

11 thoughts on “DC/baltimore girls’ weekend in only 100 photos

  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend! Reuniting with old friends is the best. I graduated from Central Michigan U in 2012 (I’ve never seen such a nice spread of street furniture in Michigan), and this post made me nostalgic for my college friends!

  2. Love this! Reuniting with old friends is the best! Annnnd anything that features Baltimore is a fav of mine :) What a great run through Baltimore- although I personally hate Lake Montebello, while pretty- the Baltimore half marathon ruined it for me haha. Glad you had a nice weekend!