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race pace & red meat

Last run before this weekend’s race: Check!0603150647Anthony and I met up with East Nasty today for a route that was really nasty, indeed. So. Many. Hills.0603150625The goal for today’s run was to practice my race pace, but given the ups and downs of the route I decided to go for “race pace effort” instead :). I was able to (kind of) hang with the speedy guys at the front of the pack! 0603150611bI kept the pace up for miles 1 through 5.5. Sweaty photo to prove it:0603150634a
Then we took it nice and easy on the way home. That was a tough one for sure! I’m putting my running shoes away for the next two days so FYI I have no idea what I’ll post about tomorrow and Friday. Get ready for some randomness.

Moving right along to our latest Cooksmarts adventure: Thai steak salad.cooksmarts thai steak salad dinnerAnother winner! Bonus points for some iron-rich red meat. (Women runners and iron level articles: here, here, and here.) And bonus points for my new place mats — what do you think?cooksmarts thai steak salad dinnerThis recipe was super simple to throw together and pretty tasty, too. The dressing was a lime/fish sauce/brown sugar blend that added a bit of tang!cooksmarts thai steak salad dinnerAnd that’s all I’ve got for you guys today! I have to go bake a batch of cookies so need to wrap this post up :)

  • Place mats: yay or nay?
  • Red meat: yay or nay?
  • Pre-race “shakeout runs”: yay or nay?

5 thoughts on “race pace & red meat

  1. the placemats are cute! I’m not a big fan of red meat or shakeout runs. I have a hard time motivating myself to do shakeout runs for whatever reason

    • i’m also anti-shakeout runs. i mean what’s the point? you’ll run plenty tomorrow 😉