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Hello! Like I mentioned yesterday, I’m taking today and tomorrow off to rest the legs up for race day. No sunrise or street furniture photos for you — but I do have some thoughts to share! On the very controversial topic of RECIPES._DSC0201Over the past year I’ve gotten pretty picky about who I trust when it comes to cooking. Does anyone else feel like the Internet is overloaded with bad recipes that don’t turn out and taste like feet? It’s like people just type random foods and quantities into their computer and hit publish, and then let poor souls like me and you try to recreate the mess they call a “recipe.” Heartbreaking.

So, I stopped making recipes from random websites that I don’t trust and have come to admit that writing a good recipe is an ART.  I only count on my tried-and-true, reliable sources! Let me save you from future Pinterest fails and share my favorite recipe resources with you.

1. Cook’s Illustrated. I’ve written many times about my love for Cook’s Illustrated. These people definitely know their stuff when it comes to food — and don’t take any shortcuts. The recipes are intense and involved, but always turn out really well if you take the time to follow each step (so basically, you need to drop all of your hobbies and quit your job to make one dish). I also love the book’s side tips about shelf life, cooking times, knife skills, etc. One of my favorite Cook’s Illustrated recipes: Ultimate Cream of Tomato Soup.the_ultimate_cream_of_tomato_soup_DSC00312. Skinnytaste. When I need to cook something quick, I head to Skinnytaste! Gina’s recipes are well thought-out, easy to make, and healthy without being flavorless or sad. I like that she updates her recipes over time (often I’ll find a note on older recipes on how to make them even better), organizes and categorizes them well, and offers substitutions and nutritional info. We’ve made Skinnytaste enchiladas quite a few times and they’re always a hit.enchiladas_DSC00523. Allrecipes. This one is a no-brainer, but I feel like I should give Allrecipes a bit of love. It was one of the first recipe websites I ever used, and although it definitely has some really bad recipes it has some great ones, too. I always rely on reviews to guide me — and often find the funniest stories about husbands and children the comments section. I’ve been making their award-winning chocolate chip cookies since 2008 and just noticed this recipe has accrued more than 7,000 reviews so far. Dang. It’s that good.award_winning_chocolate_chip_cookies_DSC01134. Food & Wine. I like Food & Wine because, like Cook’s Illustrated, they take their recipes pretty seriously. They have a great collection of exotic and international dishes as well as tested recipes for classic things like steak and shepard’s pie. Plus they have suggested wine pairings for each dish and a great collection of cocktails! We love their maple bourbon smashmaple_bourbon_smash_cocktail_DSC00905. Cooksmarts. I recently signed up for this meal-planning service and have been a fan so far. We’re only a couple weeks into using Cooksmarts so I won’t give a full review — but to date, most of the recipes have lived up to the Cooksmart’s promise: quick, easy, and healthy. I love the suspense of waiting for the weekly menu announcement on Fridays and like the flexibility of being able to swap and modify recipes as I please. The real question is whether our $8/month subscription to Cooksmarts will cut down our grocery bill. Last week we came in about $30 lower than usual, so that was a win!

Our final Cooksmarts creation of this week: shrimp tacos with cabbage slaw. Yum.cooksmarts shrimp tacos with corn salsa and cabbage slawAnthony said that if he had to describe this dish in one word it would be “authentic,” and I agree. Fresh cilantro, red cabbage, and a fun spicy mayo (which was actually Greek yogurt-based) brought the flavor. Plus a dash of hot sauce for some heat! We’ve recently become obsessed with hot sauce btw. What’s your favorite brand?cooksmarts_fish_tacos_DSC0010On the side: a corn-tomato-avocado salad that was dressed with lime and olive oil. We used frozen corn (a little soggy) so next time I think I’m going to splurge on fresh. cooksmarts_fish_tacos_DSC0015Who are your trusted sources when it comes to recipes?

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  1. haha! I love your description of bad recipes. It’s so true. once I tried to bake a yogurt-covered head of cauliflower with Indian spices mixed in. pinterest said it’d taste good! *barf*

  2. It’s so true! I’ve often thought that a food blog dedicated to posting about the best and most reliable food blogs could do really well haha. Good luck this weekend!!!