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wild caught or farm raised?

It’s Thursday, you guys! Anthony accidentally said it was Tuesday this morning and I thought it was Friday, so clearly this has been a crazy week. We still found time to run though.0611150640hWe took it nice and easy and soaked up all of the lovely humidity that Nashville is dumping out right now. FYI, here’s a post I wrote about dew point vs. humidity. Related but different!dewpointSix miles done before the day started. That always feels good.0611150622Tonight Anthony and I have a special date planned!

Last night we had a special date, too. It was taste test night at the Lambkin household. cooksmarts_miso_glazed_salmon_DSC0093The lineup: wild-caught salmon (pictured on the left above) vs. farm raised salmon (pictured on the right). When I was at the store the other day I couldn’t decide which kind to buy — so I figured I’d split my order in half and see whether the wild-caught fish was worth it, in terms of flavor.

I didn’t tell Anthony which fish was which before he took bites of both!cooksmarts_miso_glazed_salmon_DSC0086The results were split down the middle. He favored the farm-raised because it tasted less “fishier” and I favored the wild-caught because it tasted more “fishier.” I also thought that the wild-caught salmon had a flakier, creamier texture. You can obviously tell that the two are very different in color, as well. On the side we had roasted eggplant and quinoa.cooksmarts_miso_glazed_salmon_DSC0090Would I buy the $26/pound wild-caught over the $10/pound farm-raised salmon in the future? I’d like to think so, but it’ll probably depend on how fancy I happen to be feeling that day. We had a number of cheap and vegetarian meals on the menu this week so I felt okay splurging this one time. Cooksmarts seems to be cutting down my grocery bill a bit, so we’ll see!

and ps — thank you to everyone who recommended a fall marathon yesterday. I think I might be following Kelcy’s advice to check out Huntsville in December! :)

  • Do you buy wild-caught or farm-raised fish?
  • What race(s) are you training for right now?
  • How humid is it in your town?

4 thoughts on “wild caught or farm raised?

  1. I like the taste of wild better than farm raised. Plus, everything I’ve read about farm vs. wild says wild is more nutritious.