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Good day! I just “slept in” until 6:30 and ate and am now eating an egg and cheese sandwich, so today is going to be a good day. Yesterday was a good one, too! We packed in an early run party and a late dinner party — with about 10 solid hours of errands and housework in between. We were exhausted by the end of it all, but are looking forward to a slow and fun Sunday.

About that run…0613150631We met up with the PR bandits for a run on the west side of town. The group has tripled in size since last summer!0613150633It was really humid and my legs are still a bit achy from the half marathon last week — so I showed up with no pace or distance goals in mind. We hung with a group around an 8:00 pace which felt pretty tough. How in the world did I run a 6:49 pace last week?! Race day magic is crazy.0613150707Anyways, it was a good run. Pretty trails around McCabe park.0613150710eWe ran by the venue where Anthony and I held our wedding reception!0613150738aAnd then ended back at The Parthenon. Love this random Nashville attraction. Speaking of attractive, my humidity-struck hair and sweat-soaked face look really nice in this photo.0613150756aNine miles, done! I’ll get back on the higher mileage band wagon in a few weeks.0613150757Flash forward through those ten hours of chores (plus a power nap) and here we are at the dinner party!table set for a mexican dinner partyIt’d been way too long since we saw Tracee and Tony. Drinks were in order! Anthony stirred up some darn tasty margaritas. _DSC0167Sips and dips.homemade guacamole with chipsI got my hair under control._DSC0169Our new favorite tequila brand: El Mayor. shot of tequila in a cactus shot glassDon’t believe Tony’s face — I promise this tequila goes down smooth!_DSC0188On the dinner menu: carnitas tacos and Mexican street corn. The corn turned out really well — thanks again for another winner, Cook’s Illustrated! And thanks for the fun corn holders, Mom. :)mexican street corn with cremaAll together:pork carnitas tacos on a wheat tortillaWe ended the night with these easy lemon-ginger cookies. I make them without the glaze — and dip them into vanilla ice cream instead :)_DSC0191Off to enjoy our Sunday! Have a good rest of your weekend :)

  • What did your long run look like this weekend?
  • Last time you took a shot?
  • Do you usually wear your hair up, or down?


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