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Monday miles, Sunday meal

Bright start to the week!0615150623aI met up with Katie for some morning miles on windy roads. I hadn’t seen her in a while, so it was good to catch up!0615150610I’m not going to lie — today’s run was a tough one. My legs were tired, it’s stinking hot outside, and it’s Monday. But having a running buddy definitely made the miles a little less painful. Speaking of painful, how sad is it that Jeni’s had to close for a second time? I feel bad for the company and its fans. But luckily, I’ll survive with my seven-tub supply of Talenti.0615150642Six miles, done before 7 am! With all the heat and Jeni’s talk, a few scoops of ice cream actually sound pretty good for breakfast. Anyone want to meet me for a Sonic Blast right now? Does Sonic even serve Sonic Blasts at this hour?0615150648Anyways — I’m not here to talk breakfast. Let’s talk dinner! On the Cooksmarts menu this week: Tilapia with chive butter and a strawberry salad. cooksmarts tilapia with chive butter, side of strawberry saladThis meal was pretty quick to throw together and tasted great. Strawberries are on sale right now! PS, have you guys been watching Wendy’s go nuts with the strawberry pins lately? I think my salad is still better than theirs 😉cooksmarts tilapia with chive butter, side of strawberry saladSince the tilapia recipe called for white wine, we had to open a bottle… and then since the bottle was open, we had to drink a little bit too. Especially since we watched the Bachelorette after dinner. That show definitely requires a drink. Kaitlyn, what are you thinking?!!cooksmarts tilapia with chive butter, side of strawberry saladGood dinner! After mass quantities of tacos and tequila, we were in the mood for something light and fresh. cooksmarts tilapia with chive butter, side of strawberry saladOff to do the work thing. Have a good one!

  • Favorite menu item from Sonic? Toss up between tots and blasts.
  • Kaitlyn and Nick: Yay or nay? I almost think they’re both so crazy they deserve each other.
  • How often do you run with a group or friends? I probably average 2-3 days/week.

7 thoughts on “Monday miles, Sunday meal

  1. That tilapia looks so good! I hate Nick and I hated Nick on Andi’s season. He seems like such a scuzzball, I can’t believe Kaitlyn let him onto the show. ew, ew, ew. Hopefully she realizes soon and boots him off. I’m rooting for the welder and Ryan Gosling look alike!

  2. Hey Mary! You’re my hero for running in 80+ (and probably 90ish) degree whether over the weekend and early this morning! I seriously don’t know how you do it. Would you mind occasionally adding a description of where these running routes are? I’m always looking for new routes. It seems like you have a bunch of different spots depending on who you’re running with, and I’m eager to add some new ones to my repertoire to keep things interesting :) Thanks in advance!!

    • Thanks! Yeah, Saturday was killer. I think today was actually worse though. I never upload my actual routes to MapMyRun since I often leave from my home address, but for weekend runs and occasionally during the weekdays I’ll drive to meet up with a group like East Nasty, Nashville Striders, Fleet Feet, or PR Bandits. PR Bandits post all their routes on their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/running.off.leash/. I’ll be sure to link to those routes in the future!

  3. I don’t think Kaitlyn is ready for marriage. The guys are right – why say “my husband is in the room” and then bring Nick in? I’m no expert, but from what I’ve read in Reality Steve and just the way they look at each other – they did not just send a FEW texts. They seem waaay to comfortable for just a few texts, so why even lie about it? The welder is my fave! Hottt! Glad that Britt got a party favor out of this whole mess! :)

  4. Sonic didn’t come to Michigan until I was in high school, and the first time I was able to go to one was on vacation. The slushy was to die for! I’m glad I couldn’t go all the time, because I think I would’ve gained 20 pounds.