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tuesday tangents

Hello! I have a bunch of random stuff to share so let’s move right along to Tuesday tangents.

1. Thanks for all of your shoe recommendations! I ended up trying out a pair of New Balance 1400s, which I got for less than half the price of my usual PureConnects.

I haven’t run in them yet, but I did sport them to Anthony’s softball game last night! He joined a league with some of the guys from our church and is learning the rules of this great American pastime (new readers: Anthony is Australian).0615151940Our team lost, but it was still fun to watch!

2. We hiked through Percy Warner Park over the weekend. I’ve run the paved parts of this insanely hilly park, but never tried the dirt trails. stairs of percy warner park in nashville's belle meade neighborhoodWe did the 2.5-mile loop and then tacked on a couple more miles in the streets of Belle Meade. If I wasn’t a runner, I think I would consider being a hiker. The two sports seem similar, but I think you use totally different leg/core muscles. Any time we go for a hike, I’m sore and tired in strange ways. 0614151026aIt was approximately 1000000 degrees out when we spontaneously decided to tackle this adventure, so thank goodness the trail was shaded.06141510223. Last tangent: Potatoes! And chicken. And veggies.cooksmarts slow cooker bbq chicken with a sweet potato and slawI slow cooked the crap out of some chicken breasts and thighs yesterday. I put the meat in our slow cooker on low around 7 am before I left for work; and took them out around 8 pm when we got back from Anthony’s softball game! Needless to say, the chicken was beyond well-done. But not dry, surprisingly! Plenty of liquid-y barbecue sauce kept it nice and tender. Is it possible to overcook something in the slow cooker? I once burned a whole block of cheese in there, but other than that I have a pretty solid slow cooker record.

We piled our chicken atop baked sweet potatoes.cooksmarts slow cooker bbq chicken with a sweet potato and slawAnd served it with a side of Cooksmarts’ zucchini-carrot slaw. We loved the chicken and potatoes, but the slaw wasn’t very good. I rarely toss out food, but this side dish was a total fail! Something about the mushiness of the zucchini. Even though I tried to pat it dry before making the slaw, it lost its crunch and morphed into a zucchini paste of sorts. Yuck.cooksmarts slow cooker bbq chicken with a sweet potato and slawDespite the slaw crisis, I’d still give dinner a thumbs up. See you tomorrow!

  • If I wasn’t I runner, I would be a ______________.
  • If I could design a pair of running shoes, they would look like _______.
  • The longest I’ve left a slow cooker on is for ____ hours.

6 thoughts on “tuesday tangents

  1. If I wasn’t I runner, I would be a dancer (not that I can dance…but hypothetically).
    If I could design a pair of running shoes, they would look like a neon explosion.
    The longest I’ve left a slow cooker on is for 13(ish) hours. Yikes.

  2. If I wasn’t a runner I would be a volleyball player. Although I am not super coordinated!

    If I designed running shoes they would look like a bag of skittles exploded.

    I have yet to brave the slow cooker………….I get nervous leaving something on when I am not home.

  3. If I wasn’t a runner, I’d actually do yoga, and hike!
    I’ve designed a few pairs of “choose joy” nikes.
    Slow cooker: 8 hours

  4. Hiking is my other favorite outdoor activity! I definitely need to get out on the trails here now that we have nice weather (but it’s hard to figure out a way to balance it with running!).