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Good morning! Nashville is a swamp land today and I just took the coldest shower of my life. Nothing like a good sweat to start the day off.0617150545Usually I meet up with East Nasty on Wednesdays, but today I had to squeeze my run in extra early because I have a work event this morning. It was kind of nice to have a quiet solo run — I don’t think I’ve done a run alone in a while. Just me and this (literally) red-headed duck thing.0617150558Spork in the road.0617150614Five miles, done!

So, remember when I did my epic DC/Baltimore recap post and said that I’d mail you a loaf of bread if you read the whole post? I was kidding, but not kidding. Reader Charlotte actually emailed me to say she read the whole thing. So I baked her a whole loaf of cinnamon raisin bread and mailed it to her. Let’s see how it holds up in transit…0616151226Other stuff from the oven lately: Quiche!spinach bacon quiche on wholly wholesome whole wheat pie crust We are running out of food, but I don’t want to go grocery shopping because we’ll be out of town this weekend. I rummaged through the fridge/freezer and found enough ingredients to make a quiche — including this pre-made whole wheat pie crust.wholly wholesome whole wheat pie crustYou guys might recall that I’ve dabbled in crust-making recently — but even though I like making my own crusts, it takes a bit of time. I thought these pre-made ones might be convenient to have on hand!

Unfortunately, these crusts aren’t as no-fuss as they appear. I found that they stuck to their pans and my quiche got all crumbly when I tried to slice it up. Not cool, crust.spinach bacon quiche on wholly wholesome whole wheat pie crust Next time I’ll probably stick with the 48-hour New York Times crust recipe instead. Because who doesn’t have two entire days of their life to dedicate toward crust-making.

Anyways — crust drama aside, the quiche turned out really well. Plus my neighbor showed up at our door yesterday afternoon with zucchini from his garden. Surprise side dish — score! We paired the zuc with a lonely sweet potato from the pantry and tossed the slices on the grill.spinach bacon quiche on wholly wholesome whole wheat pie crust with grilled zucchiniLa Croix consumption is at an all-time high in the Lambkin household. We’re getting better at cutting back on weeknight wine!spinach bacon quiche on wholly wholesome whole wheat pie crustAnd that’s my “slice” of life for you guys today. Have a good one!spinach bacon quiche on wholly wholesome whole wheat pie crust


  • Strangest thing you’ve ever sent or received in the mail?
  • Have you ever been a red head? (I once had red tips, Christina Aguilera style)
  • Tell me about your run today!

14 thoughts on “slice of life.

  1. Your posts are never too long – love reading them! I did stairs with November Project this morning. Taking a sort of rest week off after my half marathon this past weekend.

  2. The strangest thing I ever received in the mail was a Kitchen Aid mixer from my aunt. It was a reallllly heavy box and I’m sure it cost a bazillion dollars to ship. I see her fairly often, so it was a surprise when she shipped it to me instead of waiting to give it to me in person (a happy surprise for me, for sure). Your quiche looks delicious! Do you follow a recipe or make it up as you go?

    • lol, those things are HEAVY! i can barely lift mine from the cabinet. can’t imagine shipping one.

    • oh, and i pretty much make it up as i go. for one 9-inch quiche i use about a cup of whole milk and about 8 eggs. handful of spinach and about 4 slices of bacon. plus as much cheese as i can possibly fit in there.

  3. dang I missed the boat on mail-order bread!
    back in college, one of my roommates got a package from her mom with a note explaining that she packed her homemade cookies in a jar to avoid smashing them, and then my roommate pulled out a jar that was literally all crumbs. hope the bread made it all in one piece 😉

  4. I’ve never been a red head, I have dark brown hair so the only thing I have had is highlights that fade to red in the summer.

    I had a 5 mile run after sitting thru a Jurassic World (so good!) and Insidious 3 (pretty scary!) double feature at the movie theatre today. The movie day with the hubby was great………..the run was hard! 95 degrees…………that sucks for running. Tennessee, what’s the deal?

    And I received a box full of bath and body works soaps and bread basket bread (an AMAZING local bakery with a sweet sourdough bread to die for!) in college once, that was so good! And it traveled from TN to Idaho pretty well in the mail!

    • omg, yes it is so hot here! nice call on the double feature. anthony and i might go see jurassic world this weekend.

  5. I love La Croix! It gives me a carbonation fix without anything added. I think my strangest mail incident was when UPS delivered all our Christmas packages to our neighbor one year. Luckily we figured it out when my dad’s golf club was delivered, since it was a distinctive shape!