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Good morning! I woke up to an inbox full of blog comments that looked like this:

“2014年06月11日 21時00分16秒脳に微弱電流を与えて記 憶力と注意力アップ&痛みの除去が可能とBy Ars Electro 脳に微弱な直流電流を通し脳神経に刺激を与えることで、片頭痛を緩和し、記憶力や注意力をアップさせる効果を期待できる療法「transcranial direct-current stimulation(tDCS)」の研究が進 媚薬女性用人気</a> められています,媚薬女性用人気。Can you supercharge your brain?”

and my brain was, in fact, “supercharged” to share some behind-the-blog details. Here are some fun facts about minutes per mile!

1. Writing. Yes, I start writing my blog posts at 5 a.m. A lot of people ask me when I actually draft these ramblings. So now you know. Here’s a full “day in the life” recap if you’re interested — and here’s a blogging process interview, too!_DSC00362. Photography. I use a Nikon D500 to take most of my non-running photos and my smartphone (currently an LG G3) for my running photos. How do I carry my phone while I run? Flygrip!flygrip_phone_holder_DSC0044

3. Audience. Let’s talk about YOU! 10% of readers have “running & walking” as their top interest.


And most of you are young, awesome ladies. Plus a couple of awesome men like Anthony and my dad, who I’m pretty sure are the only guys who read this.MPM_Demo

And… most of you are in Tennessee, Virginia, or DC! Hello to all of my old and new neighbors. More of you are Southerners compared to when I checked last time.


4. Search terms. Some of the best search terms that have led people to my blog include:

“raccoon cupcakes.” Who knew that my coon-cakes would be such a hit?!DSC01211-001“Burger endurance running.” Yes.burger__DSC0006“wine and cheese night before run.” Also yes.DSC00201“Marathon mile pizza.” Yes x3.pizza1“Thunder thighs pure barre.” Um, thanks? Brita and I can take you any day.barre3_nashville_DSC046935. Street furniture. I think I receive the most praise from my readers for my commitment to finding street furniture. I promise to never let you down as long as this blog shall live. 1209140648Thanks to YOU GUYS for making this blog fun to write! Feel free to leave a bunch of Japanese spam in the comments! :)

  • Other bloggers: fun facts about your blog?
  • Readers: how did you find my blog?
  • What other blogs do you enjoy reading?

10 thoughts on “behind-the-scenes blog facts

  1. Glad to be the other guy reading the blog. Always a great way to start the day with a smile after checking in on MPM.

  2. I honestly don’t remember how I stumbled upon your blog – most likely through another blog! you always make me hungry!

    Some fun facts about my blog: Most of my readers are from Ottawa but my readership is growing steadily. Sometimes I use Wordfence to see where people are coming from (bit more specific than Google Analytics). Kind of cool! I write mostly in the morning, sometimes in the evening. I don’t use a scheduler or anything like that.

    I enjoy reading other Canadian running blogs (Athletarian, Pretty Little Grub, Run Carmy and others) as well as some of the big running blogs like Hungry Runner Girl.

  3. I just recently found your blog, thu another blog which I found thru hungry runner girl………crazy!

    It is nice to read a running blog from close to home!

  4. Don’t forget your readers down under from sunny Brisbane. We read it every morning so you can increase the male readers by 50% from 2 to 3.
    Keep up the good work


    Trevor and Tina

    PS can we have an Australian section in the pie graph?

      • Yeah, it should be neat……..we have been lucky to get iron man here for the past few years. I am not sure if I want to do the half or full……