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10 pm. tiny house. tumbleweave.

We are hours away from the weekend! Though, like usual, mine seems to have started early anyways.the_vine_bar_east_nashville_DSC0279Last night Tracee and I went out for fancy cocktails at Vine. This was my first time at the Main Street restaurant — to be honest, I’d been avoiding it because it seemed like a terrible location. But: parking was easy, and the inside was surprisingly quiet and intimate. East Nashvillians, you should check it out!

Keeping with the fancy theme, check out my new bling. lock_and_key_jewelry__DSC0271
Tracee’s husband, Tony, had a show last night for his jewelry company, Lock and Key. I wanted to buy it all! But don’t worry, Anthony. I didn’t. lock_and_key_jewelry__DSC0261I debated among a few pieces, but finally settled on the delicate, dark-beaded bracelet on the right below. You can see the rest of Tony’s jewelry in his Etsy shop!lock_and_key_jewelry__DSC0265Wild night! I was up past 10 pm which is a huge social accomplishment and huge running failure. I was feeling pretty tired on my run this morning. I can do 7 hours of sleep, but when I get in the 6 range things start to fall apart. Mostly my legs and lungs. And brain.0617150557aLuckily I had Lizzie to keep me company! We were both sporting beautiful new shoes and have both become New Balancers! I’ll do a full shoe review soon.0619150634What do you guys think of “the little green house”? This eco-friendly cabin/tiny house was in the Nashville Scene a while back and always catches my eye when I run by it. 0618150718but not as much as something I saw yesterday on my run. Big news, guys. I officially spotted my first tumbleweave0618150703And on that note, it’s time to get this weekend started. I’m off to Cleveland tonight and am hoping for a low-humidity, high-fun weekend!

  • Ever seen a tumbleweave?
  • Share your favorite Etsy shop!
  • Would you ever live in a “tiny house” ?

3 thoughts on “10 pm. tiny house. tumbleweave.

  1. I could never live in a tiny house but I’m fascinated by people who can! And I must say I’ve never come across a tumbleweave… I want to know who is going to be the brave soul that picks that up off the sidewalk!