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On-the-go blogging

Hello! How was your weekend? Ours flew by, like always — literally. I hopped on a plane to Ohio on Friday night to spend a couple days with my grandma!

Some silly flight delays meant that I didn’t land in Cleveland until 1 in the morning. Anthony (who had been in Detroit for work) picked me up and we made it to my aunt’s house at about 2 am. Needless to say, we slept in a bit on Saturday and had a later-than-usual run. But we still got out there!0620151016There’s a lovely trail by my aunt’s house — but it was quite waterlogged when we ran it! 0620151033aWe dodged puddles for about 5 miles and then hit the road when it started to rain again.0620151113Eight soggy and sleepy miles, done! Afterwards we headed to my grandma’s place to hang out for a bit before getting dressed up for dinner.0620151836aLanning’s was a hit! This long-standing establishment clearly knows their steak.

After such a big, fancy dinner, we finally got our appetites back by lunchtime on Sunday.

My grandma recommended The Rail. She knows how to pick a good burger!_DSC0289I want with a chicken/pesto/mozzarella sandwich which was awesome. _DSC0290The french fries stole the show, though._DSC0285
Then Anthony and I said bye to Grandma and headed to the airport together. He was heading to St.Louis. I was off to Nashville! I made it home just in time to soak up the last drops of sunlight.0621151945Three quick miles on one of my favorite trails.0621151946aAnd now I’m back at the airport! Off to South Walton, Florida for a work trip. All this travel requires a fair amount of caffeine.
Let the on-the-go blogging continue! I typed this whole post with my left thumb in my phone so forgive my typos :)

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