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carbtastic chronicles #20: simple cinnamon-raisin bread

It’s been a while since I documented some bread!homemade_cinnamon_walnut_raisin_bread_loaf_DSC0246I’m still going strong on the bread-making, but haven’t experimented with a new recipe lately. It’s because I’m just hooked on cinnamon raisin these days.homemade_cinnamon_walnut_raisin_bread_loaf_DSC0255 We’re also entering the best time of year for bread-making. It’s super humid in Nashville right now which is terrible for running but lovely for dough-rising :). I made this dough the other day before my run, and then set it outside for a second rise during my run:0618150656About 50 minutes later, it had doubled in size!0618150737While I showered and got ready for work, I baked it. Boom. Fresh bread done before the day started!homemade_cinnamon_walnut_raisin_bread_loaf_DSC0251This loaf is half white bread flour, half whole wheat. The dough also has your basic bread-making lineup: butter, water, sugar, and salt. And yeast!homemade_cinnamon_walnut_raisin_bread_loaf_DSC0257My special add-ins: cinnamon (lots of it!), vital wheat gluten, flax seeds, walnuts, and raisins. Tip: mix in the nuts and raisins before the second rise — not any earlier. It helps keep them from going soggy!homemade_cinnamon_walnut_raisin_bread_loaf_DSC0243To make the crusts nice and crisp on this loaf, I used my metal loaf pan instead of my stone one. I’m still perfecting my pan strategy. I like the internal moisture and softness you get from the stoneware pan, but want the crisp edges of the steel one. Any suggestions?homemade_cinnamon_walnut_raisin_bread_loaf_DSC0240And there she is. Standing tall.homemade_cinnamon_walnut_raisin_bread_loaf_DSC0248Have a good day!


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