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Hello from South Walton, Florida! It’s been a busy few days but I’ve managed to fit in a couple of good runs. Let’s get right to it. Or actually, let’s start with a donut. :) South Walton residents and visitors: Were you aware that Charlie’s Donut Truck opened a new location in Seacrest? Go get a dozen before today’s batch is gone! _DSC0316Okay, now to those runs!

Yesterday I had a busy morning of meetings, so I had to keep my run close to the hotel. Luckily Baytowne Wharf is full of shady sidewalks and pedestrian paths!0623150720bIt was HOT out there and the miles were a lot tougher than I had anticipated. Plus, my legs have been cramped up in three plane rides + eight hours in the car over the past five days. So: not my best run.0623150720But I got through it! And the views were awesome. Even if I’m feeling blah, a bit of new scenery always helps keep me going.0623150654Six miles, done! A pancake-flat route helped keep my pace up :)0623150739Other exercise of late includes building this crazy sandcastle. It took six of us to complete it — including a couple of pros. Pretty cool, right?_DSC0357This morning I hit up Topsail Hill State Preserve for my run. 0624150643aThere are so many parks in South Walton — it’s my goal to cover them all! So far I’ve biked through Grayton Beach State Park, run through Point Washington State Forest, and walked through Eden Gardens State Park. I still have a few more to go.

Topsail is one of my favorites so far. It’s quiet and has a wide, paved path. Plus the signage is pretty easy to interpret, meaning that I didn’t get lost like I did in Point Washington. Ha!0624150638The three-mile loop takes you around Campbell Lake. Beautiful views, even on an overcast day.0624150649There’s also a short (less than a mile) paved path straight to the beach!0624150704bI’m not really into selfies but I felt like this was a special occasion. So.0624150705cCheck out the sand dunes! 0624150702Nothing like the sound of the sea and your feet on a wooden boardwalk to start the day off. After I finished the Topsail pathways, I tacked on a couple more miles along the Timpoochee Trail.

I felt much better on this run — probably because I made sure to start earlier and bring a water bottle with me. 0624150729And now I’m off for another full day, followed by a flight back home. See you tomorrow!

  • Have you ever visited South Walton?
  • Do you live near a local park? (One reason Anthony and I chose East Nashville is because it’s so close to Shelby Park)
  • Beach or mountains?!

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  1. Oh girrrrrl you know I love me some 30A, and Topsail is my favorite! I didn’t get to go to Charlie’s when I was there last month but I did manage two Donut Hole visits in one weekend and a stop at the Donut Hut the next 😉