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coming up: national sunglasses day

Good morning! I made it back to Nashville late last night and am glad to be home again. One last shot from South Walton_DSC0437and now onto today’s topic: sunglasses! The Vision Council reached out to me to help spread awareness about National Sunglasses Day, which is coming up this Saturday. Have your shades ready! :)0506150718A couple of fun facts:

  • Exposure to UV rays can lead to a number of health implications, including retina damage
  • UV rays are particularly strong near the equator, since they travel a shorter distance to reach the Earth’s surface. Cities at high altitudes also share higher UV levels because the sun’s rays can easily penetrate the thin atmosphere. Where does your area fall?CaptureScreen Shot 2015-06-25 at 5.32.14 AM

Also, UV rays penetrate clouds. So even when it’s grey out, you should still sport your shades!

What type of sunglasses do you wear? I’ve been a fan of Oakley’s “active” line, which is sort of a cross between hardcore sports sunglasses and lifestyle sunglasses. It all started when I got a pair of Overtimes in 2012. I do miss this sunglasses, but I don’t miss having a massive ponytail swinging on my head.1016827_515944901813837_1531111736_n (1)
I loved these shades! I’d never really worn sunglasses before and really enjoyed not squinting for hours at a time. However, I was new to wearing sunglasses at the time and did not take care of my Oakleys at all. I threw them around in various purses and bags and they got really scratched up after a couple of years.

So, I learned my lesson and am taking much better care of my Pulses. I always keep them in a soft case and never run or drink without them.0523151525bI’m also a fan of Ray-Bans when I’m not running.0529151440
Need a new pair of sunglasses? National Sunglasses Day makes for a perfect excuse to go shopping :) Stay shady, friends!

* This post is supported by The Vision Council, but all thoughts and opinions and stylish sunglass photos are my own. Thanks for reading & supporting my blog!

  • When did you start wearing sunglasses?
  • What are your favorite eyewear brands?

7 thoughts on “coming up: national sunglasses day

  1. Sunglasses are so important! A few months ago, my eye doctor found a freckle inside my eyeball! Considering my family has a history of melanoma, it freaked me out and now I wear my sunglasses pretty much ALL THE TIME to protect that freckle from becoming cancerous.

    • whoa! that’s crazy. you have cute sunglasses — i would wear them all the time just for stylish reasons :)

  2. I hated wearing sunglasses while running because I don’t like stuff touching my sweaty skin, but I forced myself to get over it when I developed a red bump near my iris! My eye dr said it is a pinguecula and caused by sun. I wear sunglasses pretty regularly when I run now and it has improved a great deal. I was always good about sunscreen, so duh, I need to take care of my eyes too!

    • good point! i should slap on sunscreen more often, but i’m too asleep before i run to remember.

  3. I can barely step outside without putting sunglasses on. I don’t understand people (like my brother) who don’t wear them. I’m from sunny Australia so the risk of sun damage is high, I love my “sunnies”!