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2015 fajitas, 1996 flashbacks

Good morning! I hope you’re doing your weekend dance. Mine looks like this:0626150713a
Fun fact: I did gymnastics until I was about 15, and still have a few tricks up my sleeve. Too bad I ditched that purple leotard, though.
Another lifelong skill of mine: assembling the perfect taco. I remember my siblings and I would get pretty excited when my mom had taco night at our house! My big thing back in the day was re-creating Taco Bell’s double-decker at home: One hard shell, a layer of refried beans, and then a soft shell.
We didn’t get quite as fancy with the shells last night, but I still think our tacos beat Taco Bell :)

Before:grilled chicken and veggie fajitas at home with jarritos sodaAfter:grilled chicken and veggie fajitas at home with jarritos sodaThe lineup: chicken marinated in this sauce, plus lots of bell peppers and onions. We cooked everything on a cast iron skillet over the grill — perhaps that makes these more like fajitas, instead of tacos? Whatever you call them, they were good. grilled chicken and veggie fajitas at home with jarritos sodaWe tend to go overboard on toppings. Lots of napkins required.grilled chicken and veggie fajitas at home with jarritos sodaIn other news, Anthony and I are still going strong(ish) on our non-alcoholic weeknight goal! I mixed this Mexican soda with plain seltzer water for something fun to drink on the side.jarritos mandarin orange soda in a glass
But today is Friday. Countdown to cocktail hour!

  • What sports did you play as a kid? Softball, dance, and volleyball.
  • How often do you drink during the week? We’re trying to steer clear of booze Monday-Thursday!
  • Favorite throwback menu item from Taco Bell? I was also a big fan of the taco pizza, crunchwrap supreme, bean burrito, and the cinnamon twists. So basically the entire menu.

19 thoughts on “2015 fajitas, 1996 flashbacks

  1. Since Dad’s Day I’ve had a Moscow Mule every night! Roles have flipped! You inspire me not to have one tonight.

    • lol, i suppose i’ll be happy that i inspired you not to drink. but, mules are really good.

  2. I am so impressed by the no drinking Monday-Thursday. It’s easy when I have dinner at home … But if I’m at a restaurant, I feel like ordering wine is mandatory. What’s your rule on that?

    And favorite taco bell throwback – The Meximelt .. The BOMB.

    • eh, i like to have a drink when we go out, but i also (perhaps moreso) feel like i “deserve” a drink for doing all the work and cooking something at home! lose-lose situation, people.

  3. It’s funny that you call them “throwback menu items”. For me, it’s just a throwback to last week :) I definitely got some cinnamon twists from taco bell last week. I don’t eat there often at all but when I do, it’s the best guilty pleasure ever

    • hahaha. why didn’t you blog about them? or better yet, can you make a recipe to recreate them at home? i am happy to taste test.

  4. I played soccer since I was 5 through high school and ran track & cross country. I will usually have a glass of wine 1-2 nights during the week and then we usually drink 1 night on the weekend. Taco Bell Cheesy Gordito Crunch is the BEST. Sometimes I can still talk them into making it for me.

    Your tacos are beautiful!!!! I’m the worst taco maker. I need to invest in those little stands you have…

  5. I ran cross country in middle and high school. I was not fast but I was the first runners (along with one other girl) to run all four years in high school. (our cross country team did not exist until my freshman year)

    I don’t really drink, but I like soda and I limit myself to my weekends (which are Tues and Wed) plus one day in the work week when I can drink it.

    And I don’t like taco bell……….I prefer homemade tacos any day, and also real authentic mexican restaurants.

    • isn’t taco bell as “authentic” as it gets? ;). weekends on tues/weds — that must be nice!

  6. Whoa! How long can you hold a handstand? I’m a headstanding champ and have a pretty solid forearm stand but the handstand continues to evade me for longer than five second =(

    • i think the longest i’ve done recently is like 40 seconds? then all the blood rushes to my head and i collapse!

  7. I love that you have the stands for tacos. We’re in the process of furnishing our new apartment, and I think those might have to be purchased.

    I played soccer, basketball, softball, track, and cross country throughout my younger years. I also took dance class until I was a senior in high school. The days!