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Hi there! How was your weekend? Ours kicked off with the usual Saturday run. Anthony and I were going to meet up with the PR Bandits, but decided to get an earlier start and stay closer to home. We recruited Lizzie to meet us bright and early! Well actually, rainy and early.0627150655aDid you know that there’s an abandoned airfield in Shelby Park? I’d heard about it before, but never been! Lizzie took us to the secret spot. 0627150622The airfield connects to the greenway, so once we finished running around these hay bales we made it back to our usual path. Hardly anyone was out at 6 am — but we saw plenty of wildlife! 0627150653Our route ended with the Hill of Death, aka “Mount Nasty.” This picture speaks to both the hill and the humidity. Yeesh.0627150731cThe view from the top is pretty nice, though. I conveniently stopped to take a photo as an excuse for us all to pause and catch our breath :)0627150734I had mud all over my legs at the end of this soggy run. Hardcore.0627150747Great pace, especially considering the elevation profile of mile 11! I kind of died during the last few miles of this run, but am glad that I powered through. Thanks for the company, Anthony and Lizzie!0627150749After our run, Anthony and I booked it to the lake! Luckily the weather cleared up a bit and it was a great day to be on the water. With a cooler full of margaritas.0627151454aMy relatives from Ohio were visiting for the weekend. Lots of skiing, swimming, and playing!0627151454cWe were pretty tired after our early morning run, but luckily sitting on the boat didn’t require too much effort :)0627151504The day ended with a dockside cookout.Corn on the cob is a messy, stringy nightmare but SO worth it. This meal hit the spot.0627151846Sunset.0627151955bThe next morning Anthony and I woke up for a dockside workout. My cousin Jen joined us!0628150739We did a “deck of cards” workout that kept things exciting — 54 rounds of 1 to 11 reps per movement. Torture types included: jumping lunges, plank dips, pushups, squats. I think my arms were definitely 10x stronger by the end. Thanks Anthony.0628150757And now we’re back at home, back on schedule until Thursday! Can’t wait for more lake time for the 4th. Summer is the best.

  • Do you live near a lake?
  • Ever done a deck of cards workout?
  • Corn: on the cob, or off?

11 thoughts on “weekend recap

  1. I am telling my friends about the deck of cards workout!! I loved it… Or maybe it was the company?!

  2. I’m so jealous of your lake life. I have to move to Nashville. And join the Doman family.

  3. I did a deck of cards workout this weekend too! I did squats, lunges, sit ups and pushups for mine and made Jacks-11, Queens-15, Kings-20 and Aces-25. It was brutal and I can barely walk today.

    That lake looks amazing! What a great weekend!