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summer running + spicy pork soup

A new day!0630150605and a new track workout. I met up with some East Nasty/Nashville Running Company people this morning for some speed work. After years of solo track workouts, it was refreshing to have some company!0630150640bI had planned on doing a 7×800 workout, but once I saw the group was there I switched things up and tagged along with them. On the menu: 12×400 (that is, 12 laps (3 miles)) with each 200 (half-lap) at a 5k pace and the next 200 at a pace about 10 seconds slower.0602150648a Most of my fast reps came in around 48 seconds (6:20-ish pace) and recovery ones at about 55. Not bad, especially considering the deathly thick humidity out there. FYI, I’ll be complaining about the weather until October, so if you get tired of my whining you have permission to take a break and come back to read in the fall :)

Yesterday was an interesting day for Mother Nature, too. I met up with Katie for 4.5 overcast miles…0629150608and then we enjoyed a steady downpour of rain for the last 1.5 miles. Nice! 0629150616I hate how the rain makes your clothes all sticky and heavy, and also hate that it turns my ponytail into a giant web of knots. BUT, I love that it is cool and refreshing and makes me feel like a badass when I run. So I guess it all evens out.0629150620With such a stormy forecast, a bowl of hot soup for dinner hit the spot! It was thundering and lightening outside when I dished out this Cooksmarts meal for dinner last night. beef_noodle_soup_cooksmarts_DSC0075Long-time readers will know that Anthony and I LOVE pho. Flashback to one of the 100000 pho bowls we ate in Vietnamhanoi_vietnam_98789So, when I saw “pork noodle soup” on the Cooksmarts menu for the week I knew we had to give it a shot! beef_noodle_soup_cooksmarts_DSC0077The Cooksmarts recipe is pretty simple, so we jazzed it up a little with fresh lime and Thai basil from our garden. The result was really good. beef_noodle_soup_cooksmarts_DSC0072Anthony declared that this is his favorite Cooksmarts meal to date! The soup was so flavorful and had just the right amount of spice. Yum. beef_noodle_soup_cooksmarts_DSC0073Looks like it’s finally clearing up out there, guys! Here’s to a sunny Tuesday.

  • Ever traveled to Asia?
  • Soup in the summer: yay or nay?
  • Do you prefer to do track workouts with a group or solo?

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