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review: new balance w1400s

As I mentioned the other week, I recently broke up with Brooks and am in a relationship with New Balance at the moment. I’m also coming out of a brief fling with Mizuno. The running shoe drama is intense!New Balance w1400 vs brooks pureconnect vs wave hitogamiI’ve been running in the New Balance W1400 (version 2). It’s a lightweight shoe that’s actually considered a racing flat. NewBalanceW1400_review_DSC0110The thing that I was most worried about when I ordered these shoes was the 10mm drop — that is, the offset between the heel and the toe. My past pairs of running shoes (Brooks PureConnect and Mizuno Hitogami) had 4mm and 8mm drops, so I was afraid that the 1400s would feel like high heels!New Balance w1400 vs brooks pureconnect vs wave hitogamiThe good news is that they didn’t. They actually feel just fine! I’ve been running in these for about three weeks and haven’t had any issues so far.

But: I’ll admit that I’m actually not very picky when it comes to running shoes, and have never been injured due to shoe choice. As long as my shoes are light in weight and not too wide (I have a very narrow foot), I’m pretty much good to go. The 1400s aren’t quite as narrow as the PureConnects, unfortunately, but they’re slim enough to where I feel like my foot is secure.

The only little negative thing I have to say about the 1400s so far: For some reason, I feel like my feet get hotter in these shoes. Maybe it’s the material they’re made of? When I’m running on dark pavement on a hot day, I can definitely feel the high temps all the way in my toes. Kind of weird.New Balance w1400 vs brooks pureconnect vs wave hitogamiSpeaking of the shoe material: Did you know that these babies GLOW in the DARK?! I think you can buy non-glowing 1400s but the pair I found was on sale so I went for the glow. I could see this feature coming in handy during the dark days of winter!New Balance w1400 vs brooks pureconnect vs wave hitogamiMy favorite thing about the 1400s (besides the price — only $50!) is that they’re extremely lightweight: 5.7 ounces. In comparison, the PureConnects weigh 6.6 ounces and the Hitogamis weigh 5.9 ounces. Lighter shoes = lighter feet! And lighter feet make you run faster, right? 😉 No idea if that is true, but I want it to be.

In terms of durability, the shoes seem pretty solid so far. I feel like my Hitogamis wore really thin after only a few months:_DSC0105Lastly, let’s just admit it: The 1400s are way cuter than my highlighter-bright Hitogamis and PureConnects. I love that the 1400s are on the neutral side because I feel less obnoxious when I sport them for non-running occasions like grocery shopping or running errands. But they’re not so neutral that they’re boring –do you see that cool pink zebra print on the laces and interior? :)NewBalanceW1400_review_DSC0115So: Mizuno Wave Hitogami ($80) mizuno_hitogami_womens_1205140652_vs. Brooks PureConnects ($110) 1-_DSC0723vs. New Balance W1400 ($50).New Balance w1400 vs brooks pureconnect vs wave hitogamiIf they were all the same price… I’d probably still go with the PureConnects, mostly for their narrowness and wavy shoelaces (the 1400 laces are a bit finicky). The 1400s would take a close second, and then the Hitogamis. BUT, for less than half of the price, would I recommend the 1400s over the PureConnects? Most definitely.

Note: I wasn’t sponsored by any of the brands for this post. I just had a personal urge to ramble about running shoes!

5 thoughts on “review: new balance w1400s

  1. I just broke up with Saucony to try out the New Balance 870s. I’ve only ran in them once so far (last night!) but so far so good. I think I’ve been in a relationship with every brand of running shoe at some point…not Mizuno or Adidas though.

  2. Love love LOVE these shoes for runs of 1.5 hours or less! I usually also run in 4mm drop shoes, but these do not feel like 10mm. My only issue is that the tongue is a little scratchy on the inside, but honestly I haven’t actually tried to do anything about it yet so I probably shouldn’t complain. 😛