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cooksmarts catch-up

Hello! Is today the end of the workweek for anyone? I feel like the past few days have flown by — and I’ve missed sharing a few meals with y’all! Here’s a bit of catch-up.

On the Cooksmarts front, things are going really well! We took a break when we were both traveling last week but are back on the meal-planning bandwagon now. cooksmarts_thai_fried_rice_DSC0055First item on the menu: Thai curried fried rice. This was a good one!cooksmarts_thai_fried_rice__DSC0070I can’t say I was surprised by how much we liked it, though. Anything that involves cashews and coconut milk is right up my alley. cooksmarts_thai_fried_rice__DSC0068Cooksmarts seems to have a lot of Asian-inspired recipes, which is one reason I look forward to using the meal-planning service each month. We love Asian food, but I’m not that familiar with cooking it. That’s starting to change, though!

Blog post tangent: We ate the above meal while watching The Bachelorette. Is anyone else completely baffled by this entire season? It’s definitely THE MOST dramatic season EVER.

Second Cooksmarts adventure of the week was the pork noodle pho. And third: fattoush salad!fattoush salad with spiced chickpeas and tahini dressingFattoush is a Lebanese dish that I’ve never heard of in my life. So, no idea how authentic this creation was. But it was darn good. fattoush salad with spiced chickpeas and tahini dressingThe chickpeas were pan-fried in za’atar, a Middle Eastern herb that I’ve never used but always been curious about. I was able to pick some up at High Garden, a specialty tea & herb shop down the road. Because yes, of course East Nashville would have a specialty tea & herb shop 😉fattoush salad with spiced chickpeas and tahini dressingThe salad was tossed in a creamy tahini dressing which was basically watery hummus (in a good way). And at the last minute, I realized that a bit of dill would be a perfect addition too.

Served with a side of unpictured pita chips for crunch :) fattoush salad with spiced chickpeas and tahini dressingAnd that’s it, guys! I’m off to enjoy this “Friday” and get started on the weekend. See you soon!

  • Ever used za’atar?
  • What’s one type of cuisine you wish you could cook well?
  • The Bachelorette: Anything you want to say.

2 thoughts on “cooksmarts catch-up

  1. I love zaaaaaatar! My friend works for cooking light magazine and I went to one of their events where he chef coworker told me I HAD to go to this middle eastern store and get some zaatar and Milad was like, what’s the big deal, who hasn’t used zaatar? Anyway, I got it and put it on some things and they were delicious. The end.
    I haven’t watched the bachelor(ette) since living with you. I can’t say I’m upset about that aspect of not seeing you all the time :)

  2. All those foods looks amazing! I’m really looking forward to your review of cooksmarts!

    The bachelorette this season is just ridiculous! I’m almost annoyed at how one two hour show can only have 2 dates and we NEVER get a rose ceremony! Get it together, people! I also thought it was hilarious Chris Harrison was like sorry, we can’t let you meet these people’s families. You’re a mess. If anything, it’s still hilarious and entertaining.