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long, short, and little (lamb)

Good day to you!0707150646aTuesdays have officially become track days, which is a huge change in my life because for the past four years, Thursdays were track days. I don’t know if I’ll ever be the same.

But I like my new track schedule because it means I have people to run with! Today the group did a ladder workout that went as follows: 1600, 1200, 800, 600, 400, 200. Between each rep we did an easy 400m jog. 0707150641I kept a 6:35-40ish pace for the longer segments and a 6:20ish pace for the shorter ones. And just tried to survive during the recovery laps :)

Which do you think is harder: ladder workouts that start short and end long, or ladder workouts that start long and end short? Both are hard but I think I prefer to start long, end short. Same with hills: I like to get them over with at the start of a run (even if I’m not warmed up) rather than wait until the end. 0707150641aHow does one shift focus from track repeats to meatballs? Like so:

Meatballs!!Cooksmarts mediterranean beef and lamb meatballs in yogurt sauce with saladOn the Cooksmarts menu this week: Mediterranean meatballs! They’re your standard meatball, jazzed up with fresh parsley and sun-dried tomatoes. Yum.Cooksmarts mediterranean beef and lamb meatballs in yogurt sauce with saladThe recipe called for ground chicken, which I can hardly ever find at the grocery store. Since this was a Mediterranean-inspired recipe, I thought lamb was more fitting anyways. (Side note: You can insert a Mary had a Little Lamb joke here. I haven’t heard one of those since 5th grade, but they still haunt me).

We served the meatballs over Israeli couscous and drizzled them with a dill/yogurt/cucumber sauce. On the side (well actually, on most of the plate… oops): leftover fattoush salad.Cooksmarts mediterranean beef and lamb meatballs in yogurt sauce with saladDinner, done in minutes! I’d prepped most of the ingredients yesterday morning, so we were able to cook this up and eat our meal before sunset. Win. Cooksmarts mediterranean beef and lamb meatballs in yogurt sauce with saladAlright people, it’s time to start this day! Not only is today Track Tuesday, it’s also Teeth Tuesday. I have a dentist appointment this afternoon… save me.

  • Ladder workouts: short to long or long to short?
  • Are you afraid of the dentist?
  • Do you have a name that is easy to make fun of? Do tell.

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