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controversial sights and dark secrets

Good morning, Nashville! And by Nashville I mostly mean East Nashville :)0708150648Lots of new murals popping up around town these days. Fellow east-siders: have you tried out the new Little Octopus yet? Every time I run by, I want to stop in for a fregula bowl, which sounds quite tasty. Unfortunately Little Octopus is not open for lunch at 5:45 am. Bummer.exterior of little octopus restaurant on main st in east nashvilleAfter a first couple miles on the east side of town, I met up with the East Nasty crew to head west!0708150558aWe wound our way down the hills and through the city…0708150617and turned around at the controversial musica statue, more commonly referred to as the naked people statue. These people might be naked, but I bet they felt a lot cooler than I did in my sweat-soaked tank top. It’s another hot one today!0708150628Nine miles, done! I was actually 99% about to sleep in and not run at all today, but once I got the legs moving I felt fine.0708150705aSince I ran a little long today, I’m now a little short on time. No epic meals to write about, but I do have a dark secret to share with you that’s even better.

And by dark, I mean dark chocolate. Anthony and I have been buying this Moser Roth chocolate from Aldi for the past couple months and we officially declare it is the BEST dark chocolate. You should take this seriously because we eat a lot of chocolate.

AND: Moser Roth is like 1/3 of the price of Lindt, Ghirardelli, etc. Booyah.moser roth chocolate barHave a sweet day :)

  • Favorite chocolate brand?
  • Locals: best mural in town? (other than the I Believe in Nashville ones, of course)
  • Have you ever run naked? aka, streaking.

6 thoughts on “controversial sights and dark secrets

  1. Let’s just say there is a tradition at the University of Virginia of streaking down Jefferson’s Lawn. You leave your clothes in front of the Rotunda, jog down to the statue of Homer at the other end (perhaps 200 yards?) and back – and hope your clothes are still there. It’s a kind of barefoot training.

  2. Ooo…I’ll have to try that chocolate!!
    I’ve never gone streaking, but in this heat and humidity it sounds like a great idea!

  3. I will try that chocolate for sure!

    And I already run in only a sports bra and shorts, and still come home drenched! Humidity sucks. I can run in the heat, but the humidity makes it so hard to breathe and cool down. I prefer September-December in Tennessee for running. Fall is the best!

    • it just went up recently, i think! near edleys and where fat bottom used to be. i think it’s on the side of the new family wash, maybe?