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It’s almost Friday!0508150621and thank goodness for that. I’m definitely feeling that end-of-week fatigue setting in. Luckily I had some running buddies to keep me from sleeping in today. Katie, Lizzie, Anthony, and I met up at Shelby Park bright and early for five quick miles.0505150657My Garmin died today so I have no idea what our pace was — but it felt fast! Tomorrow will be a no-running day and I’m ready for that. Oh and also: Couch on Riverside Drive.0709150648Two menus to discuss today! One is a race menu and one is a dinner menu :)

Which fall marathon should I run? Originally I was thinking I’d run Huntsville, but the thought of training all the way through December makes me want to cry. So, now I’m looking at Detroit and Indianapolis, which are both in mid-October. Pros of Detroit: It’s a cool city I’ve always wanted to visit and I’ll have a friend that I can stay with who is running it too! Cons: It’s far away (I’d probably have to fly) and more expensive. And it’s on a Sunday. Pros of Indianapolis: It’s close and cheap and a handful of East Nasty runners will probably be going. And it’s on a Saturday. Cons: The course doesn’t look as scenic as Detroit’s. Help!

Side note: All my half-marathoners out there, the ZOOMA Nashville half marathon & 5k course maps were revealed this week! If you sign up for the race, use MARY15 for 10% off your registration.

The dinner menu is far less controversial. Here’s a “pho-to” of our latest meal :)homemade pork pho soupAs soon as we tasted Cooksmarts’ pho last week, we knew it was a winner. It’s in the regular meal rotation for good! We also knew that my dad, who loves spicy food, would be a big fan of pho. So we invited my parents over to try it out last night._DSC0186It was a hit! Second helpings all around. The Thai basil I spontaneously bought at Home Depot the other month and have been wondering what to do with is suddenly our most-consumed garden herb. Yum.homemade pork pho soupAnd that’s all I’ve got for you guys today! I have a fun trip for the blog today and can’t wait to share it with y’all soon!

  • What herbs/foods do you grow at home?
  • How long did your Garmin last before it died forever? Mine seems to be nearing the end of its life :(
  • Indy or Detroit?!

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  1. Im scheduled to run Detroit!! I am a little nervous I’m not going to make it because I am not feeling even 50% right now. My body just aches. You should do it! HUGE PRO: You get to run in two countries in one race :) And super flat.

    • Oh!! Maybe we’ll finally have the chance to meet up! Let’s hope this race goes better than Nashville!

  2. I’ve heard awesome things about both but vote Detroit … But mainly because I’m from Michigan and bias :)

    That said, I love that Indy is on a Saturday (way better than Sunday races). Can you drive from Nashville?

    If you want a total change of scenery, come run the Lake Tahoe Marathon !!

    • Yeah, Indy would be a 4-5 hour drive which is the main appeal. but if the course sucks, not worth the drive. haha

  3. Detroit!!! It was my first and I absolutely loved the course! I may be biased because I grew up around there and had family to cheer (and miss the state of Michigan dearly), but I think its also a great course! And the weather is usually pretty great (read: cool) too!

    • I was actually born in Royal Oak, but moved to TN when I was like 6 months old. I think my home state is calling me back :)

  4. Detroit rocks! I love that you get to run into Canada and back! The only downside of the marathon…. you lose GPS service through the tunnel back into the USA… so you have to pace it old-school.

    • Oh, good to know! I’ll come prepared then. Nothing pisses me off more than the Satellites Lost Beep. Same thing happens at a tunnel here during the Nashville Rock n Roll race!

  5. Your pics are fantastic! Haha about the couch, I probably would have had to photograph that too!
    I don’t grow anything on my own other than plants for indoors. I do have some green onions I bought growing in water. Does that count?

  6. I’ve done the Detroit half two or three times and it was my first full. It’s a fun race! You run through a lot of part of Detroit and, best part, you run to Canada! In Canada, there is always a spectator giving out orange slices and when you arrive to Canada a guy is playing “Don’t Stop Believing” and cheering with a megaphone. It’s also one of the few races I’ve done where people set up block parties basically, complete with fancy patio furniture, more beer than you can imagine, and lines and lines of crockpots. For a fairly large race, it definitely has a community feel. Plus, Detroit is fun, definitely have to get Slow’s BBQ. :-)

  7. I’m running the Yosemite Half Marathon in October- it’s part of the National Parks Half Marathon Series (goal is to run the race in all the U.S National Parks)…. If you want a reason to escape to CA in the fall! Also, I HIGHLY recommend Savannah in November (1st week I think). I ran it last yr (just the half, but they have a full & half) and it is GORGEOUS. Perfect weather, beautiful scenery, and close enough to drive (6-7ish hrs). I’m running there again this year!

    • Oh, I hear such lovely things about Savannah! Welp, looks like the race is the same weekend as my ZOOMA race here in Nashvegas. But I do see a “Publix Women’s Half” in the spring?! omg. I love Publix. I need to run that one asap.

  8. I grew up in Indiana and I’ve done the half marathon course of the October Indianapolis marathon…. and yeah it isn’t very scenic. It’s a nice small race, but the best race in Indianapolis by far is the May half marathon. The October race isn’t through downtown at all and you will run by a lot of trees and neighborhoods. Indianapolis has the Monumental Marathon which I have heard great things about and is in early November, I would recommend that over the October race.

  9. Run Indianapolis Monumental in November (I know there’s another in October), but I’m signed up and it looks absolutely great – super flat!

    • I’ll have to try that one next year! ZOOMA Nashville is November 8 so the timing won’t work for 2015 :(

  10. Hi Mary! As a Detroiter myself I heavily encourage you to run the race. I have run both Detroit’s and Indianapolis’s marathons and Detroit’s (in my opinion) is so much better! It is expensive but its international! Running over the bridge into Canada at sunrise is an amazing experience, taking the tunnel back into the US around mile 8 is hugely exciting, and then the rest of the course is along the river and through the neighborhoods. Good luck choosing!

    • Erin, I was waiting for a reader like you to chime in! Advice taken. I mean, who doesn’t want to run in Canada?! Do they give you poutine at the water stops?!

  11. Detroit was my first marathon! It was a great race.
    If you want to run a full in Indy, do the Monumental full the first weekend of November; it’s way bigger and more scenic than the October one. I’ve run the Monumental half and haven’t done the October race, but I’m pretty familiar with the area, and you’re right that the course doesn’t look as scenic as Detroit’s (though Fort Harrison State park is pretty, and you’ll see a lot of leaves).

    • Yes – I’d love to do monumental BUT I have a half marathon on the 8th here in nashville. so, need to time everything right! am probably going to register for detroit after all these comments :)