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Friday favorites

Happy Friday! First, thanks for all of your race recommendations yesterday! I’m definitely leaning toward Detroit right now. You guys changed my mind.

In return, I’m offering some recommendations for you! It’s been a while since I’ve done a “favorites” post (you can view old favorites post here, here, here, and here). Let’s get started…

1. Huma Gels. I switched from Gu to Huma gels and have been loving them! Huma gels have fewer weird ingredients than Gu and don’t upset my stomach as much as Gus do. Plus, they taste really yummy — if you try them, go for the apple! Anthony and I agree it’s the best flavor we’ve tasted so far.huma gu energy gels2. Soludos shoes. I picked up a pair of these sneakers for $25 at Nordstrom Rack the other month and have loved wearing them this spring! They’re comfy and lighter on my feet (in both color and weight) than my usual pair of Converse. I can’t find the exact pair I bought, but this is the same shoe with a different print.soludus lace up printed sneakers white3. Fresh herbs. Our herbs didn’t do so hot last summer because we planted them a little later in the season and then they were attacked by ferocious grasshoppers. This year we got our garden game on: We planted early and sprayed the crap out of our plants with a natural insecticide. Now, we’re chowing down on fresh basil, mint, rosemary, and peppers! Our only failure this summer was cilantro. I guess you just can’t grow it in TN? #allthehumiditybasil plant in a garden4. Method dish soap. Does anyone else hate when you reach the end of the dish soap bottle and the cap is all goopy and the last squirts of soap take forever to come out of the spout and you have to shake and shake and get soap all over your hands? Make your life a million times better by investing in the amazing Method pump soap. It’s the best $7 splurge you’ll ever make (and you can refill your pump to save money in the future).
5. Lululemon’s What the Sport Short. I’ve actually had these shorts for years (I got them in my first  pv.body shipment, back when that brand existed) but didn’t really start wearing them until recently because I was hesitant to jump on the spandex train. But then I saw what Kaitlyn wears (or rather, doesn’t wear) on The Bachelorette and realized that these short shorts aren’t actually that edgy, after all. Now I wear them all the time and love them! They’re a lot lighter than my tempo shorts — i.e. they don’t get weigh 10 lbs when they’re soaked in rain (or even better, sweat).
Speaking of tempo shorts, I think I’m finally over my obsession with them. I’m looking into new shorts recommendations. Share your running short favorites — and any other random favorites — in the comments section below!

15 thoughts on “Friday favorites

  1. I switched to the Huma gels about a year ago and love them too. I’d stay away from the mocha and other flavors like that. They seem to be heavier, like GU! I love the strawberry, blueberry, and apple though.

  2. I never thought I’d see the day where you were over the Nike tempo shorts. It’s hard to tell in your basil picture, but if those are little flowers forming at the top you should pinch them off before the plant goes dormant! But you probably already knew that.

  3. I have wanted to try some spandex shorts for a while but just haven’t yet……..I wear smalls but have a booty and was always nervous about them……..maybe I will give these a try!

    I have liked the BCG shorts and tennis skirts (with built in shorts underneath) for running. You can find them for only $15 at Academy Sports. They change seasonally, but the latest ones I found are thin for summer.

    • Do they chafe? Are they see-through? Do they have a wide waistband?! Pocket for key?! all crucial elements of a solid pair of shorts.

      • no chafing and not see thru, but I don’t think mine have a pocket. They do have a soft and wide waistband. I usually tie my key on my shoes, so pockets are not a must for me, unless I am racing with gu.

  4. i love Huma gels! Strawberry is my favorite so far and I like apple the least. I got the variety pack too, so I’m having fun trying out the different flavors.

  5. Hey Mary, I’m a relatively new reader from DC and I love your blog! I’m also a recovering Nike Tempo addict – I finally gave them up after realizing they fit me like a diaper…not the best look for me. I LOVE the distance shorts from Oiselle. The fabric is really soft and light without being flimsy, and doesn’t ride up or chafe when it’s hot, plus they have 3(!!!) good sized pockets for carrying keys/gels/whatever. The waist band is a little bigger than on the tempos but I honestly don’t notice it. Good luck in your shorts quest :)

    • Katy – thank you! I’ve been curious about Oiselle for years. I think it’s time to try them out. Thanks for the recommendation :)