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weekend snapshots

Here’s a peek into ours so far:

Friday night we grilled up everything left in our fridge — including portabella mushrooms, my favorite. So smoky!grilled porter road butcher sausages and grilled veggiesThe main show: sausages I splurged on from Porter Road Butcher! We tried spicy chorizo and kielbasa. Both good, but the kielbasa was best. It’s a close call, but we think PRB beats Whole Foods’ sausages. We are sausage specialists. grilled porter road butcher sausages and grilled veggiesIt was Friday and we had a long run coming up the next day… so, cold beers were in order.grilled porter road butcher sausages and grilled veggiesWhen we lived in DC, the Blue Point Toasted Lager was my go-to order at Ragtime! Flashback to our favorite bar and my long hair:2-P1010567Turns out you can find Blue Point down south, too. (Alanna, look: Long Island!)blue_point_toasted_lager_DSC0232Friday night we kept it pretty low-key. Too many episodes of Parks & Rec! Treat yo’self.

Saturday we were up at dark o’clock to sneak in some miles.0711150512Anthony and I started with five miles through a still-asleep city. The only people out other than us were drunk partiers lost on their way home. So, that was interesting. Beautiful sunrise, though!0711150540Here’s me and a giant graffiti-ed microphone. Mile 3 and I was drenched in sweat already.
After our early start, we made it back to LP Field Nissan Stadium by 6 a.m. in time to run with the PR Bandits. We did a route through the city that started uphill and ended downhill — with a loop around the Parthenon!0711150636It was stinking hot by 6:45, so this Gatorade tasted like pure gold. 0711150642A few final miles with the group, and then we were done and I was actually half awake. Despite the hills and heat, this run felt pretty good. I’m so glad Anthony and I got our butts out there extra early to make it less painful. 0711150733aAnd today, we slept in! Because 6:30 am is considered sleeping in at the Lambkin household :) . Have a good one!

  • Locals: Have you shopped at PRB?
  • Favorite flavor of Gatorade?
  • Should I grow my hair out long again?!

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