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good food, good games

Good morning! How was the rest of your weekend? Our finished up with good food and games. First: a romantic Gallatin Road double date with Tracee and Tony. And their little boy! It’d been too long since we ventured out for hole-in-the-wall Mexican food, so Las Maracas was on the menu. This place is as classy as it gets._DSC0241My burrito was a beast and I think it weighed more than me.las_maracas_east_nashville_DSC0245Fun night! We finished off with a few games of poker and headed home early. After waking up around 4 am for our long run that day, Anthony and I were donezo0711152002Other weekend highlights: Meeting up with an Easty Nasty board member to help plan a training program for ZOOMA Nashville! 0711150923I’m excited about this race and can’t wait to help other ladies train up for it this summer. Reminder: MARY15 gets you 10% off your registration :)

On Sunday, Anthony and I got some stuff done around the house and made it to church — two huge wins, since we’ve been out of town so much over the past couple months. After a day of chores and errands, we closed out the weekend with a walk around the neighborhood and a well-deserved happy hour.

Plus few rounds of black jack. We’re really into cards right now for some reason._DSC0264And now that we’re all caught up, here’s what’s been going on today! I kicked off the week with a short, fast run:071315054910 minutes easy, 15 minutes hard, 5 minutes easy. I ran for time (not distance) since my Garmin looked like this the whole time. Life is hard.0713150543aI ended my run at the gym, where I met up with Anthony and did a little leg workout. Today’s glute-tastic agenda:

Plus some stretching. FYI this is as far as I can go when it comes to sitting and touching your toes. Yikes!0713150621aand on that note, I’m outta here! Time to get this week started.

  • Can you sit down and touch your toes? (Without bending your legs, cheaters)
  • Favorite card game?
  • What’s on your fall race calendar?

3 thoughts on “good food, good games

  1. What a fun weekend! I always get queso smothered burritos when I eat mexican, and I always get the large, which is usually falling off the plate and weighs about 5 lbs :)

    I’m actually pretty proud of my flexibility.. I can wrap my palms over the tops of my feet, but that is from years of practice. I usually try to do a few stretches right when I wake up in the morning to loosen up.