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Holy moly. We’re halfway through the week, guys. Time for the midweek long(ish) run.0715150543The art of the midweek long run (also called the “medium long run”) is a key component in many training plans and one of the seven types of training runs according to Pfitzinger. The idea of midweek long run?  Improve endurance, glycogen storage, fat utilization and capillarization (blood flow/oxygen efficiency). Basically, you’re prepping your body for the longer miles of a marathon and getting used to running on tired legs. Read more about the mid-week long run here, here, and here!

Luckily I have East Nasty to help break up my longer mid-week runs. I ran with the group for about four miles this morning. 0715150615And covered the other five miles solo. Minus a stop to see these random tigers on Gallatin Road.0715150641Nine, done! I did some striders at the end and took a long cold shower after after this little adventure. 0715150701Moving on from mid-week miles to a dose of mid-week breaking news: We bought a spiralizer!!!happy_hacienda_spiralizerAfter I saw that my Cooksmarts menu for the week featured “zoodles” (zucchini noodles), I finally had an excuse to buy one of these swanky kitchen gadgets. I’ve been wanting to try a spiralizer for a while since they’re so hot right now. The spiralizer we ended up getting was only $16 and is small in size, so it didn’t take up too much budget or, more importantly, too much pantry space :)

The result:cooksmarts_pesto_shrimp_pasta_DSC0269Beautiful zucchini noodles, which we mixed with regular pasta noodles for balance. Topped with shrimp and swirled around in kale-basil-pecan pesto. The dish took on a lovely dinosaur-green color! (But actually, do we really know what color dinosaurs were?)cooksmarts pesto zucchini pataReally good dinner — probably one of our favorites so far! This recipe should have been easy in theory… but I I left the lid off of the blender when making the pesto and exploded the sauce all over our walls and ceiling. So, we’re going to have to repaint some of our kitchen as a result of this meal. Oops.cooksmarts pesto zucchini pataAnyways. I can’t wait to spiralize something else! What veggie should I try next?!

  • Spiralizer recommendations?
  • Last time you exploded something?
  • Do you do the midweek long run?

5 thoughts on “mid-week long run & mid-week news

  1. I love midweek long runs! They’re my favorite part of marathon training. There’s something so satisfying about finishing an 11 miler before work. I haven’t tried a spiralizer yet, but would really like too! That dish looks great!

  2. Can’t believe it never occurred to me to mix veggie and grain noodles – so smart! I have literally never used mine since buying it because I’m just always too in the mood for wheat pasta ha. So thanks for the idea :) And WOO for distances like that on a work day… you’re a tank!

    • thanks!! yeah, i like a mix of half veggie, half pasta. we do that with strands of spaghetti squash, too!