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sufferin succotash.

Howdy! How’s your morning going?0716150556Mine started off with five easy miles. I’m liking the Thursday Shelby Park routine that Katie and I have been following lately! I’m front-loading most of my tougher workouts these days and taking it easier on Thursdays and Fridays.

We met up bright and early for a flat out-and-back.0716150623Anthony joined us around mile 3! Then we attempted to take a photo but my camera was on some weird reverse selfie mode and my hands were too sweaty to make any of the buttons work so this is what we ended up with.
You might be thinking that I’m a horrible photographer right now and debating whether you’ll ever visit my blog again. But…….

look at this.five points pizza with media grits east nashville tnIf pizza doesn’t make for the most beautiful picture, I don’t know what does! I met up with my friend Kristin and a bunch of other media/blogger people last night at Five Points Pizza. This place has the best pie in town! five points pizza with media grits east nashville tnWe even got to take a backstage pizza tour with chef Chris (above). Five Points has hundreds of pounds of pizza dough on hand at once — you can bet that as a bread maker myself, I totally geeked out when Chris talked about their the dough-making and storage process. five points pizza with media grits east nashville tnFun adventure!

I actually practiced a whopping amount of self control and only had a few bites of pizza at the event, though. I was holding off for a home-cooked meal! Anthony whipped up another Cooksmarts meal while I was out and about. cooksmarts chicken in tomato herb sauce pan fried with succotashThis tomato-herb chicken was another winner. The chicken breasts were super flavorful, and not dry at all (perhaps that had to do with the large amount of butter they were cooked in…). On the side: succotash! I don’t know if I’ve actually ever eaten succotash.cooksmarts chicken in tomato herb sauce pan fried with succotashWhile I was eating this, I was trying to figure out why succotash makes me think of old cartoons. At first I thought that it reminded me of that Disney movie from a few years ago… but then I remembered that the movie was called Ratatouille (a different but similar dish!). And now I realize that I’m actually thinking of Sylvester from Looney Tunes! Ha.

Anyways, weird cartoon associations aside: we loved this dish. Definitely a keeper! So pretty, too.cooksmarts chicken in tomato herb sauce pan fried with succotashI’ll be back tomorrow with a really cool post so you should come back soon!

  • Favorite cartoon from when you were a kid?
  • Locals: best pizza place in town?
  • Do you front-load your tough workouts at the start of the week?

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