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behind the scenes at Swiftwick headquarters

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of Swiftwick! As long-time readers may recall, Swiftwick is my #1 favorite sock brand on the planet. Needless to say, I was pretty pumped for this adventure. switftwick socks office in brentwood TNSwiftwick started in Nashville in 2008 when two biker friends realized that they were investing in high-quality athletic wear and equipment for biking, but were wearing cheap-o socks that didn’t fit well and fell apart in the wash. They set out to make a sock that wouldn’t only make their feet feel better as they cycled — they wanted one that would optimize their performance, too.

So they started Swiftwick, and the company has thrived in Nashville ever since. But, Swiftwick has grown well beyond Nashville and currently distributes these amazing, life-changing socks worldwide at a number of sports stores. They even recently worked out a deal with REI! I get so happy when I see Swiftwick at stores. Because I have a weird love for high-quality socks.

*And just so you guys know now, before my crazed sock ramblings continue: I was not paid in cash, socks, or froyo for this post. All of this  love is coming straight from my own heart feet!

So, back to my Swiftwick adventure! I got to sit down with Katy Holmes, Athlete & PR Coordinator at Swiftwick, who gave me the scoop on the brand story and her position. Swiftwick works with hundreds of runners, cyclists, golfers, hockey players, triathletes, and so many other types of athletes — you can read many of their stories on the Swiftwick blog, actually. Pretty cool.

The Swfitwick office is, I admit, kind of typical in many ways. Grey and white cubicles, bland carpet,  fluorescent lights, etc. But then it’s totally NOT typical in other ways. For example, there seem to be an equal amount of bicycles as there are employees.
switftwick socks office in brentwood TN
Plus medicine balls! switftwick socks office in brentwood TNAlso, the Swiftwick office is located right next to a huge local fitness center and some awesome running trails, which is no coincidence — it’s apparent that the employees here are invested in health and fitness, both professionally and personally. Katy said that working here has been inspirational for her in a number of ways. She’s currently training for a half marathon!

And obviously these people love socks. There are socks and mannequin legs everywhere in Swiftwick HQ and it’s not weird at all. Don’t you love these hot pink ones, btw? I need to get myself a pair. Fun fact: “Crave Pink” and “Halo Green” are two of Swiftwick’s top-selling colors. switftwick socks office in brentwood TNSpeaking of the socks, let’s get to it! I’ve always known that Swiftwick socks felt wonderful to run in, but never took the time to learn why. (Side note: yes, I know my feet are flatter than flippers. But I don’t have webbed toes, promise.)swiftwick_socks_DSC0014Turns out there are quite a few reasons (you can read them all on the Swiftwick site!) why Swiftwick socks are the best on the planet. Some of my favorites include:

  • Seamless construction: Swiftwick socks have “linked toe technology,” meaning there’s no seam around your toes. Which means no bunching or blisters by your toes, either!
  • Compression: Swiftwick socks hug each foot at its medial, lateral, and transversal arch points to reduce swelling and increase circulation. The Swiftwick team says each sock is like a “second skin.” I say it’s like jeggings for your feet. And I mean jeggings in the best possible way.
  • Wicking: Have you ever gone on a run in the rain and come back with raw skin and stanky socks? Swiftwick’s wicking material helps shed moisture and keep your feet smelling and feeling good even when it’s pouring rain or dripping humidity.
  • Light and low: Personally, I’ve never many issues with sock blisters — but I do have issues with socks that are thick and fugly. I love the light feel of Swiftwick sock material and the low profile of their “zero” line. Cute and comfortable.
  • Made in the USA: Swiftwick sources all of its products in our country (mostly North Carolina!) and produces them here, too (hello, Chattanooga!). Team USA!Capture

switftwick socks office in brentwood TN
One question I’ve always had about my Swiftwick socks: Is there a proper way to wash them? Katy recommends keeping them in a delicates bag when you throw them in the washer, and never drying them on high heat. Oops.

Okay, let me just share one more Swiftwick photo with you, and then I’ll put a sock in it :) swiftwick_socks_DSC0001If you’ve actually read all of this and are interested in buying a pair of socks, I highly recommend the Vibe and Aspire lines. I wear them all the time, and am making a promise to myself to take better care of them in the washer from now on :)

Thanks for having me, Swiftwick!

  • What brand of socks do you run in?
  • High socks or low socks?
  • If you could visit the headquarters of any fitness brand, which brand would it be?!

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  1. I only wear Swiftwicks too!! I wear the zero ( lowest ankle height) for running and working out. A few years ago I bought one pair of socks of several brands and tested then all out & hands down Swiftwicks are the best I’ve ever had!