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weekend eats and a “dam” hot run

Hello! We’re kicking off the morning in the most traditional way:_DSC0378After a few weeks off, bacon Sunday is back! Anthony and I started this little ritual about two years ago and look forward to it every week :)

Another years-long tradition: the Saturday long run.0718151011I had planned to run at the crack of dawn with the PR Bandits yesterday, but Anthony and I stayed up a little too late and slept right through our alarm. I was out “late” (i.e. past 10 pm) with some girlfriends while Anthony hosted their husbands for a guys’ poker night at our place. While the guys played, the girls tried out the new Nomzilla location on Gallatin Ave. nomzilla sushi east nashvillenomzilla sushi east nashvilleNomzilla sushi was good, but the service was definitely less than impressive. The restaurant just opened a week ago, though, so I’m hoping that they’ll work the kinks out and be amazing in the future. After dinner we saw Trainwreck — I went in with zero expectations and thought it was pretty funny. Has anyone else seen it? Thoughts?

Anyways, back to that long run! We woke up at the insanely late hour of 7:30 and knew that we were totally screwed. Over breakfast we debated whether we should attempt to run in the 90-degree heat… and then decided to be crazy and go for it. We drove out to Stones River greenway because it’s one of the shadiest trails around. 0718150936We started running around 9:30 am. Yikes!
The shade helped, but it definitely didn’t make the run easy at all. I’m usually not a sports bra runner (full debate here and here) but I think if I wore a shirt it might have burst into flames. 0718150946We stocked up on lots of water and tried out a new flavor of Huma gels! Anthony liked the chocolate. I thought it was so-so.huma gel chocolate And then we finished all of the miles, somehow! This run was “dam” hard but we didn’t die. So I’m calling it a win.0718150919I had absolutely zero pace goals for this workout — my only objective was to finish it!0718151047And the only reason I was able to push through was because I knew we were going to my happy place after. I find peace with my soul when I am at Publix. 0718151102bFast forward through gallons of water and an epic nap… we woke up refreshed and ready for a very competitive game of golf. Don’t let my niece’s pink tu-tu fool you: she is a pro. 0718151720I’m terrible at putt putt. Hand-eye coordination has just never really been my thang. 0718151741bMy youngest nephew looks like he has a promising putt putt future, though! :)0718151740After mini golf, we grabbed dinner at Red Robin. Anthony and I are in that phase of marriage where you start to look and dress like each other. 0718152005Time to go start this day! Now that the bacon is over I have nothing to look forward to.

  • Have you seen Trainwreck? Yay or nay?
  • What time of day do you usually start your long runs?

5 thoughts on “weekend eats and a “dam” hot run

  1. Love that you left off the last question- too hot for that. :) and LOVE publix! Is it new to Nashville?

  2. Great job on your long run! It was SO hot!!!
    I like to start my runs around 5:30-6:00ish.
    I want to see Trainwreck. I’ve heard great reviews.
    Have a wonderful week!!!