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Good morning! This is where I usually share a run with y’all but I have too much food to share instead. We’ve been enjoying lots of Cooksmarts meals lately — it’s time for a recipe roundup!

First, this honey-sesame chicken salad.cooksmarts honey sesame chicken saladI marinated the chicken in a soy sauce/honey mixture, and then cooked it in a sizzling wok. Oil was flying everywhere but it was worth it. Ha.  Tossed in sesame seeds at the very end.cooksmarts honey sesame chicken saladThe salad was light and fresh, but really filling — there’s edamame and cashews in there for staying power.cooksmarts honey sesame chicken saladAwesome dinner! (And perfect lunch the next day).cooksmarts honey sesame chicken saladSecond on the menu (not Cooksmarts, though!): HOT chicken. As my Instagram peeps will know, Anthony and I had the Hattie B’s experience the other night. Hot chicken is kind of a thing in Nashville so I figured it was about time that Anthony immerse himself in this cultural undertaking.hattie b's hot chicken charlotte avenue nashville tnI ordered our chicken to go and we put ours on salads because that makes it healthy, right? 😉

I split the order in half: One chicken was “medium”-level hotness…hattie b's hot chicken charlotte avenue nashville tnand I upgraded to the “damn hot” level for the rest.hattie b's hot chicken charlotte avenue nashville tnDamn hot lived up to its name. My eyes were watering and I think I burned off most of my taste buds after one bite. _DSC0370Romantic date night, indeed! :)_DSC0372Last on the list: this quiche! cooksmarts kale swiss quiche on whole wheat crustQuiche is my go-to recipe when I’m looking to make something quick, cheap, and healthy. Cooksmarts has a kale and swiss quiche recipe, so I added that to our meal plan last week.

FYI, this is what it looks like when you design a meal plan. You can see that I skipped the caprese sandwiches last week (in grey) and replaced that menu item with a quiche instead. Easy peasy! (easy quiche-y?)cooksmarts_menu
Turned out great!
cooksmarts kale swiss quiche on whole wheat crustThis week’s menu is shaping up nicely, too. Tonight we’re trying honey-citrus chicken on the grill!

  • How often do you try new recipes?
  • What’s your go-to cheap/easy/healthy meal?
  • Have you tried hot chicken?!!

2 thoughts on “recipe roundup

  1. I try to make one new recipe a week.
    My easy go-to dinner is taco salad.
    It’s been years since I had hot chicken, but it kicked my butt!!!