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hip pain? bah.

Hello! I’ve been a day behind this week — we’ll have to get back up to speed soon. Speaking of speed, that’s what was on the menu yesterday!0721150617aI met up with the group for an interesting workout that I’d never tried before: 5-4-3-2-1. It looked like this: 5 minutes hard, 5 minutes easy; 4 minutes hard, 4 minutes easy; so on and so forth until you hit 1 minute.0602150648aThe workout felt long because it was 30 minutes of continuous running, but I wouldn’t say it felt particularly tough. Maybe I should have pushed harder on those fast bits? Oh well. I saw a pretty flower at the end!0721150642aAnd now it’s Wednesday! I’m debating whether to run this morning or not. My right hip (which has a history of acting up) is feeling a little off lately so I’m wondering whether it needs some rest. Maybe it’s a psoas thing? Hip flexor thing? Tendonitis? Thanks for confusing me, Internet. Bah.

Moving right along to meatballs.greek meatball wrap with broccoliWe had some leftover Greek meatballs in the freezer from the other week. Made for an easy dinner last night!greek meatball wrap with broccoliWe lined them up in Joseph’s wraps and drizzled them with homemade tzatziki sauce. Simple steamed broccoli on the side. And yes, that is more hot sauce on the table. Anthony is unstoppable!greek meatball wrap with broccoliCatch you on the hip flip side!

  • Any idea what’s wrong with my hip? It hurts toward the front/inner part and I feel the most pain after I run (not so much during). And also hurts when I lift my leg to get in the car etc.
  • Favorite condiment?
  • And most importantly: Favorite La Croix flavor? I used to be diehard coconut but am starting to love mango and orange.

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  1. I don’t know what your hip pain might be, but I’ve had right hip pain on and off for years! My working solution has been yoga and foam rolling. My dad (a doctor) told me it was bursitis, and stretching and releasing the tension before the pain gets too bad has been the winning combination. My favorite yoga stretches are pigeon and then a form of pigeon where you sit upright and pull your leg across your chest. From this position, you can lean out onto your hip and really get into the tender areas! I’d try some of these to see if they provide relief :-) Hope you feel better!

  2. Hope this isn’t weird because I’ve been reading your blog for a while and never posting. Like a real lurker! But that hip pain sounds very similar to what I had last year (especially the part about getting in and out of the car! That was the worst!). Went to the PT and he said I had a hip flexor and groin strain. It started just hurting when I was done running (not during). But by the time I saw the PT it was a pretty bad strain so I had to stay off it for a while. LOTS of stretching. I couldn’t really get the foam roller in the place I needed it, but I did roll with a tennis ball when I could stand it (so painful).

    • haha not weird at all! i’m trying to tackle this before it gets worse, so hopefully i won’t be out for too long. making sure to stretch!

  3. Ok so I’m totally thinking psoas! It sounds my exact feelings. Inner hip, hurt when I raised my right leg and sore after running. I realized when I was driving a lot (using that pushing motion w right leg) and def getting in and out of cat hurt. I went to chiro and he diagnosed it as psoas muscle. Once we figured out what it was he treated it right away, cut back my mileage for 2 weeks and was able to go again. I would definitely go see chiropractor. Any other questions about it don’t hesitate to email me. :)

  4. I second the pigeon pose. I’d also add a plug for sports acupuncture, which has solved my hip/knee issues. My knee pain was caused by knots in my quads but also in and around my hip that I just couldn’t get out by foam rolling or stretching, and the acupuncturist was able to knock those out of there. It’s been a huge help! One other thought–did you guys switch directions during your track workout? If you were turning the same way the whole time, especially at a fast speed, I could see how that would cause your hip to get a little angry with you.

    • ahh! i don’t know if i am ready for needles but if this gets worse, who knows!! i hear great things about acupuncture. yes, i switched directions :). good suggestion though!

  5. Can’t help your hip pain, but I think Coconut La Croix is the best too! But I just bought the Passionfruit flavor too so I’ll be trying it out today.

  6. I am having similar problems. After lots of troubleshooting we finally found the culprit. The periformis. I have been working with a massage therapist who has been doing both deep tissue and trigger point release. Slowly but surely, it’s getting back to normal.