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tacos & non-track track day

Thanks for all of your comments and emails yesterday about my hip! Many of you suggested stretching, resting, and getting a massage. The last two (especially the massage) sound wonderful to me. And I’m even doing the whole stretching thing. My hips have always been terribly inflexible and I’ve never been very dedicated when it comes to stretching or rolling. Here’s my sad excuse for pigeon pose:0723150637bAnd for sitting cross legged: 0723150637Yeah. It’s bad.

I made sure to spend a fair amount of time in both of those positions this morning! I couldn’t stand the thought of being inside at gym to work out, so I joined Anthony at the track with my yoga mat and did non-running strength/yoga stuff while he ran laps. Speedster!0723150648bBased on everyone’s comments and some Googling (aka my free doctor appointment) , I’m pretty sure my little hip thing is just a small strain in my hip flexor/psoas. I did some moves from this yoga video today to hopefully help it. But I only did half of the routine in half of the time because the lady was slow and boring. For example, her “practice” included laying like this for about ten minutes.Capture134324

Even though I haven’t been running the past couple days, I have been walking! Last night I met up with Rayna for a couple miles around the ‘hood. Gorgeous-looking skies by the Shelby Park golf course. I’m usually in my pajamas and on the couch by 7 pm so I was surprised to see what the world looked like at this time of day. 0722151837After our walk, we met up with the evening East Nasty runners for a drink nearby. The bar was overflowing with sweaty runners in workout gear and I felt at home.0722151958aGreat catching up with you, Rayna!

And now it’s taco time.fish_tacos_cabbage_slaw_DSC0011This meal was actually on the menu for Sunday night, but somehow it slipped and here I am sharing it on Thursday. I don’t know what’s going on with me this week. I’m losing all sense of time and space. But if the universe is failing on me I’m glad that I can say I ate a good taco before it everything ended…fish_tacos_cabbage_slaw_DSC0013Each tortilla was packed with grilled cumin-coated tilapia, cabbage slaw, and a black bean/corn salsa. These taco holders come in handy!fish_tacos_cabbage_slaw_DSC0009Tomorrow is Friday, guys. Yay!

  • Toughest yoga pose/stretch for you?
  • Do you enjoy walking, or do you find that it’s just a frustratingly slow form of running?
  • Tell me about your latest run/eat!

One thought on “tacos & non-track track day

  1. Those tacos – yum! I can always go for tacos.

    Silly hip issues! All my problems lead to my hips – I’ve got very inflexible hips and it just causes problems. Like you, I’m kind of bad with stretching/rolling that area. I’ve had some calf issues for weeks (months actually) and it almost always is caused by tight hips.