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running news + crazy dinner recap

Hello and happy Friday! No run to share with you today, but I do have some running-related news and a crazy dinner recap. Let’s get to it.

  1. Runners & fertility: what you need to know. I listened to this podcast the other day and found it really interesting as well as educational. Tina and Sarah talk about a range of women’s issues from a runner’s perspective. To all my ladies: give this one a listen!
  2. How to stop a side stitch. I don’t get too many side cramps when I run, but when I do they are the.worst. Some of these tips were new to me!
  3. Soleus watches. Has anyone tried one of these GPS watches? I read a few Garmin vs. Soleus reviews and it seems like Garmin (barely) wins. I love my FR210 but would be curious to try a new brand.
  4. ZOOMA Nashville training group. I’m working with East Nasty to help coordinate a training program for the ZOOMA half marathon. The program is open to beginners and is kicking off with a five-mile run in East Nashville on August 1st! Email me (minutespermile@gmail.com) if you want to join.
  5. Detroit Free Press marathon! After reading all of your race recommendations the other day, I decided to register for the Detroit marathon. See you northerners (and Canadians) at the start line! Capture

And now, about the crazy meal. I went a bit overboard on dinner last night.spring rolls and tom kha gai soup dinnerThe Cooksmarts menu had spring rolls scheduled for the end of the week. Sounded good, but I felt like the meal needed more. So I added soup!spring rolls and tom kha gai soup dinnerI attempted to make tom kha gai soup a few months ago and wasn’t very impressed with how it turned out. Even though I used my trusted Cook’s Illustrated cook book, I thought the soup turned out bland and heavy. The Cooksmarts recipe is much better! In both appearance and taste._DSC0060The spring rolls were fab, too. Though I can’t say I nailed it in terms of looks. I need to work on my wrapping and rolling skillz!avocado spring rolls vegetarianEven though this meal was a bit labor-intensive for a weeknight, I’m glad we went for it! After so much hard work, glasses of wine were well-deserved :)spring rolls and tom kha gai soup dinnerPlus we made enough to have leftovers tonight! Yay.

  • How long does it take you to make dinner on a weeknight?
  • What fall races are you training for?
  • Brand of GPS watch that you use? Running podcasts that you listen to?

4 thoughts on “running news + crazy dinner recap

  1. Dinner usually takes 30-60 minutes. Yours looks delicious!!
    My goal race is NYC, but I’m also running CPSR, Vegas, Flying Monkey, and St Jude.
    I wear the Garmin 620.

  2. My husband and I both use soleus. We bought them because our running store was running a deal but we like them. Garmins have historically been too big and I didn’t like the layout. Customer service is phenomonal for Soleus too. My only complaint is that the distance is consistently short by 1-2%. Not a big deal until you are working some seriously high mileage. Hubs tells me that if you upload to Strava it helps to normalize that a bit.