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weekend recap

Hello! How was your weekend? Ours was just the right amount of busy — plenty to do, but (finally) some time to relax as well. Starting with a long run on Saturday!0725150708Anthony and I didn’t oversleep this time (thank goodness!) and made it out to join the PR Bandits for their 6 am start. Seems like I was too sleepy to remember to take any pictures because I only managed to snag the photo above and a classic naked people statue shot.0725150720I ran two miles before the group met and then joined them for their “12 miles in 12 South” route. I stuck with Katie and Anthony and we finished the whole shebang before 8 am. That’s my kind of run!0725150749We spent most of Saturday running errands, though we did make sure to take some time to nap and eat :)

Here’s our lunch, eaten at the table while we chatted with a Comcast rep who came to fix our Internet. Par-tay!asian_grilled_honey_soy_chicken_salad_DSC0074On top: soy sauce/honey grilled chicken, spring roll leftovers, and a peanut/sesame dressing. Oranges for zest and cashews for crunch!asian_grilled_honey_soy_chicken_salad__DSC0078Later that evening we met up with Rayna and Kevin for a show downtown at City Winery.0725152208a Elizabeth Cook was great, and her opener was just as good!city_winery_nashville0725151851bWe shared a carafe of pinot, poured out of the tap!city_winery_nashville0725151851aand a burger. Nashville’s burger week just came to a close and I was craving one! Anthony and I split this beast + an order of mussels. city_winery_nashville_0725151956bBubbles!city_winery_nashville0725152100Sunday morning was nice and slow for a couple of hours. And then we hit the trails.long_hunter_state_park_mt_juliet_tn_0726150951aWe drove out to Mt. Juliet’s Long Hunter State Park’s Volunteer Trail. BTW, National Geographic’s AllTrails is a great resource to find nearby hikes. long_hunter_state_park_mt_juliet_tn_0726150939The 4.5-mile loop wasn’t super challenging, but there was a bit of an incline toward the end that got our heart rates up. 0726151006Beautiful views of Percy Priest Lake along the way!long_hunter_state_park_mt_juliet_tn_0726151025Running, burger, and hiking buddies.0726151010aThe best part about this walkabout: we finally bought real hiking boots to keep our feet in tact. After I almost died hiking the Walls of Jericho in Nike Frees, we thought it was time to invest in the real deal. (Here’s the link to our matching Merrells!)long_hunter_state_park_mt_juliet_tn_0726150939aWhere were you walking/running this weekend?

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