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blazing heat, bug attack, buttery quiche, bachelorette

Hello!0728150550aOn my drive to the track today, I was thinking about how happy I am that I make myself a morning runner. I really didn’t feel like running or doing anything but I was too sleepy to talk myself out of it. After sticking to a morning run routine for nine-ish years, my body is basically on autopilot and just wakes up and goes. Tips for becoming a morning person here.

It’s a good thing I was half asleep/not thinking at all during this workout because it was really tough. 12x400m with a one-minute standing rest between each in the blazing heat. For all my fellow running dorks, here were my splits: 1:30; 1:30; 1:29; 1:31; 1:31; 1:33; 1:30; 1:30; 1:32; 1:31; 1:32; 1:30. Glad I made it back to my goal pace for that last 400!

I was drowning in sweat by the end. But at least I looked nice in my new ZOOMA ambassador tank!
I got a little sidetracked yesterday and so I missed sharing Monday’s run with you! The views were too pretty to keep to myself.0727150628Climbing up the little ramp to the Shelby Greenway bridge is annoying but it’s wonderful when you get to the top. Especially when the sun is juuuust starting to peek out from behind the trees.0727150618Yesterday’s run was almost perfect except I got ATTACKED by a wasp thing at mile two and seriously freaked out (screaming, jumping, sprinting) for about five minutes while it zoomed around my face, got stuck in my ponytail, released itself from my ponytail and then proceeded to fly after me like murderer. After sprinting in fear for a few minutes I gathered my courage, found a giant stick, and whacked the bug to death. I looked like a crazy woman BUT I’m pretty sure my sprints were at a 4-minute/mile pace. :)

Anyways, the run was great. The end.0727150618aI’m taking a break from Cooksmarts this week to use up all the leftovers in my freezer and fridge! What’s the best way to combine a bunch of random food?

Cover it in eggs and cheese of course. prosciutto spinach and cheddar quicheThis quiche featured some odds and ends I dug out from the fridge: cheddar, prosciutto, and spinach. I mixed it all up with eggs and milk and poured it over a new crust recipeprosciutto spinach and cheddar quicheThis quiche might be one of my best yet. The secret: use whole milk and a splash of heavy cream. And don’t skimp on the butter in the crust. Still healthy, right? :)

Anthony was at a work event last night so I put my dinner on a TV tray. With broccoli and THE BACHELORETTE FINALE. That was intense._DSC0109Did anyone else watch?! What did you think?!

4 thoughts on “blazing heat, bug attack, buttery quiche, bachelorette

  1. Holy splits! So speedy!

    I watched and I actually thought it was pretty boring! Except for Nick’s reaction when he realized he was getting sent home…again. Even ATFR I was pretty bored after! Ready to watch Bachelor in Paradise! 😉

  2. That quiche looks amazing! I wish they announced who was the next Bachelor! I actually felt bad for Nick, but I wasn’t really a huge Shaun fan either.

  3. I’m so glad Shawn won! Even though they already spoiled it on sanpchat weeks ago, I was so happy to see how excited he was that she picked him. I have a good feeling about those two!