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working on my six-pack

Last tough run of the week (until Saturday). Wednesday runs are long, but I’m so glad when they’re over. 0729150542Just took a cold shower and am drinking a glass of ice-cold water — two things that become 100% more magical when completed after a summer run!

Luckily I had the East Nasty runners to keep me company for about half of my miles this morning! We ran up some hills and around the lake. My hip is actually feeling a little better (yay!), but my hamstrings, abs, and lower back were actually a bit sore today. I’m thinking it was that tough track workout from yesterday! According to very reliable Internet sources like Livestrong and BreakingMuscle.com (??), sprinting is quite the ab workout. Who knew. 0729150616Done and done!0729150708Speaking of six-pack abs: Here’s a giant spread of Mexican food. steak beef and black bean tacos with grilled peppersAs I mentioned yesterday, I’m working on cleaning out my freezer this week, which means it’s time to tackle the mountain of frozen tortillas we’ve collected. We’ll get through them, one taco at a time!

I guess this creation was technically a fajita more than a taco though. Anthony fired up the grill and sizzled steak, onions, and peppers until they were nice and charred. Meanwhile, I stewed black beans over the stove and went overboard on the toppings!steak beef and black bean tacos with grilled peppersWe piled our tacos so high that a fair amount of fajita spilled over the shells, onto our hands, and around the plate. Messy meals are the best meals.steak beef and black bean tacos with grilled peppersLet’s get this Wednesday started!

  • Favorite taco topping?
  • Are your abs or back ever sore after a speed workout?
  • How full do you keep your freezer? I am weirdly obsessed with keeping mine sparse and organized and become anxious when it gets full. Haha.

4 thoughts on “working on my six-pack

  1. My abs were sore after my last marathon! I think it’s all the effort to try and keep upright and maintain some semblance of decent form. Also, I have read that you are actually supposed to keep your freezer full to maximize cooling efficiency (the freezer doesn’t have to work as hard to produce and circulate cold air if it is full of frozen items).

    • thanks for the tip! my mom said the same thing. glad to have such smart people in my life. going to fill my freezer with ice just to keep the space full!

  2. Fave taco topping: avocado
    My lower back gets sore. I have a bad habit of arching my back when I push my pace.
    I don’t keep much in my freeze…just some frozen soups and veggie chef dinners.