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wild night, ridiculous route

Morning! How’s your weekend going? Mine started with a pretty wild Friday night…0731151910aSince I already hit an all-time low of lameness yesterday by writing about laundry detergent, I might as well continue the trend by sharing my love for grocery shopping. Publix is my happy place.

After my romantic grocery getaway I came home and dined solo. Just me, my rat glass, and the dinosaurs. Anthony has been out of town for work all week :( vegetarian lentil shepards pie the kitchnBUT he’s back now! Which is good because there’s no way I could eat this whole pan of shepard’s pie by myself. Well actually I probably could. But let’s just pretend…vegetarian lentil shepards pie the kitchnThe recipe is from The Kitchn! And this isn’t your typical shepard’s pie: it’s made of lentils instead of beef. It’s also supposed to have sweet potatoes but I rebelled and used regular taters because I had them on hand.

I really enjoyed this meal and will definitely make it again. Cheap, easy, and healthy. vegetarian lentil shepards pie the kitchnBroccoli on the side. Mushy brown shepard’s pie doesn’t photograph well so I put some parsley on it for some pizzazz.vegetarian lentil shepards pie the kitchnFriday night ended with an episode of The Good Wife (don’t judge me) and an early bed time. I was up and out before 6 am for my run this morning!0801150552bI split up my long run into a bunch of mini segments to help pass the time. First I did two miles solo with the sunrise.0801150552Next I met up with the PR Bandits for 6 miles.0801150606We headed down from East Nashville and into the city.0801150642Then I came back to the starting point to meet up with our ZOOMA training group0801150632aAt mile 8 I stopped and tried a new (to me) Huma flavor: strawberry! Good, but I think I like mango and apple better.0801150657The ZOOMA group did 5 miles and then I tacked on a final mile by myself at the end. It was great to break up the run, but my route was pretty ridiculous when I put it all together. I ran up and down Woodland street six times I think?!route
And across the river bridges four times.0801150723But I finished! Average pace was 1 second slower than last weekend. I’m a failure. At least I had ZOOMA swag to hand out at the end, though :)0801150810Good run! And now that I’ve got Anthony back in my life the weekend is looking pretty good too. We’re about to hop in the car and then jump in the lake! See y’all on Monday.

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