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weekend on the water

_DSC0173How was the rest of your weekend? I’m going to be so sad when summer is over. The weather this weekend was perfect for the lake!0801151539aAnthony and I headed to Winchester to visit my parents right after my run on Saturday. Splash.Sno 2015 Image00002My mom made lunch that was totally Pinterest-worthy. Salad in a jar!salad in a jarCocktail hour: a pineapple/basil/gin concoction that I didn’t help make but definitely helped taste test.
lemon basil cocktail
For dinner on Saturday we had homemade hot chicken. Anthony said that he thinks my mom’s hot chicken is even BETTER than Hattie B’s. !!hot chicken and corn So much spice that we needed a cold beer to cool things down. I’m on Woodland Wine‘s amazing email list and heard that they were stocking this Blackberry Farms saison! Blackberry Farms is one of my parents’ favorite places so we picked up a bottle to bring with us to the lake. It was perfect — fruity and refreshing. blackberry farms saison beerOn Sunday we (finally) slept in, lazed around, went for a swim, and then went for a run!0802151434We didn’t lace up our shoes until about 2 pm and both of us felt way out of whack on this run. My body is definitely accustomed to morning runs and has no idea what to do when I try to exercise past noon. 0802151453aIt wasn’t our best run, but at least we finished. Six miles done in my old pair of PureConnects. I always keep an old backup pair at the lake just in case I need them!0802151435Hope you had a good weekend, too!

  • How many old pairs of running shoes do you keep on hand?
  • What was the highlight of your weekend?
  • Do you use Pinterest for recipes?

8 thoughts on “weekend on the water

  1. I usually have about 4 pairs of shoes in my regular rotation, plus I keep one old pair for rainy runs.
    I love finding recipes on Pinterest!
    It looks like you had a gorgeous lake weekend. I struggle with afternoon runs as well.