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90’s snack at the track

One terrible but funny thing about the high school track we attend: there’s always a bunch of candy wrappers and soda bottles lying around (and remember that time I found a random spoon?). Today’s featured piece of track trash took me straight down memory lane.0804150552Gushers were my jam back in the day.

Anyways: Back to that whole running thing!  Today we did a “ladder” workout: 200m, 400m, 800m, 1200m, 1600m | 1200m, 800m, 400m, 200m. Recovery jog of 400m between each rep. It was intense and very sweaty as you can tell.0804150655cThat was one of the longest track workouts I’ve done in a while. More than seven miles (recovery, stretching stops, and warm-up included). Gonna be sore tomorrow.0804150656This epic workout actually felt pretty nice. Today’s sunrise was pretty and the humidity was less horrible than usual. Whoop!0804150601bAfter taking last week off to save $$ and clear out my freezer, I’m back on the Cooksmarts train again! And it feels tastes good.cooksmarts pork with olive caper sauceFirst meal on the menu: pork tenderloin cutlets in an olive-caper sauce. Kale, dill, and fontina salad on the side.

A lot of new flavors for us, in a good way! Cooksmarts often features Mexican- and Asian-inspired dishes (which we love) so this Mediterranean one was a nice change-up from the usual. cooksmarts pork with olive caper sauceThe olive-caper sauce (basically just pureed & reduced olives, capers, and chicken stock) really tied everything together.cooksmarts pork with olive caper sauceIf only we had a pack of Gushers to serve on the side…

Catch you later!

  • How many miles is your usual track workout?
  • What’s your favorite regional type of food?
  • Favorite snack/candy from the 90s?

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