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running on plane ramps & eating burgers

We’re halfway through the week! It was hard for me to wake up this morning but I finally beat the snooze button and got my butt outside. None of my usual routes sounded appealing so I just started running aimlessly for a while until a route popped into my head.0805150603After a mile or so it hit me: the airpark! I’ve only run here a few times and always forget how gorgeous and random it is. Miles of green grass and a big sky.0805150618Don’t worry, a plane didn’t land on me. The airpark is closed for business but open for running :) There were a handful of other joggers and people doing a boot camp class in the park — it’s always motivating for me when I see other people getting in their morning workouts.0805150622bI was feeling really tired on this run but for whatever reason (maybe the low humidity?) I fell into a fast-ish pace. Eventually I made my way over to Shelby Park, up the massive Riverside hill (uggggghhhh), and back home. 0805150638Eight is my lucky number these days. Don’t you love when you plan a new route and it ends up being PERFECTLY the mileage you wanted it to be? I have no sense of direction but I must say I’m pretty good at estimating distance. Maybe one day this skill will be appreciated by someone other than me and my Garmin.0805150707Rewinding to what feels like weeks ago but was actually just last night: burger party at the Lambkins’ house!_DSC0186We had our church group over for a evening of grilling. Finally: a group shot of all of us! Minus me. Someone had to snap the photo!_DSC0188Everyone pitched in with sides. The guys took over the grill while the girls ate all of sampled the guac.  My kind of night!_DSC0190And that’s it for now! I’m off to the post office to mail a loaf of bread to a friend.

  • What random skills/talents do you have? (In addition to being able to estimate distances, I have the ability to fall asleep anywhere anytime)
  • Favorite burger topping?
  • Locals: have you been to the airpark?

3 thoughts on “running on plane ramps & eating burgers

  1. I am always jealous of folks that can sleep anywhere!
    The sky was gorgeous in your pics! I’ve never been to the airpark…that needs to change.
    Fave burger topping: barbecue sauce. As a vegetarian, it really makes a tastier veggie burger!