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my dream salad + happy playlist

As I’m writing this, I haven’t even eaten breakfast. But let’s just move on and discuss lunch.cooksmarts panzanella bread salad with chicken and tomatoesOn the lunch menu this week: Panzanella! AKA Tuscan bread salad. In case you don’t know a single thing about me: bread and salad are my two favorite things on the planet. So when this week’s Cooksmarts menu featured panzanella I got really excited.cooksmarts panzanella bread salad with chicken and tomatoesIt’s a simple lineup: grilled chicken, lettuce, cooked green beans, fresh tomatoes, and olives. And hunks of crusty bread! I wanted to add cheese but refrained…cooksmarts panzanella bread salad with chicken and tomatoesThe best part about this salad (unpictured here) is the oil-balsamic-rosemary dressing. When you toss it all together the bread soaks it up and it’s just fabulous.cooksmarts panzanella bread salad with chicken and tomatoesAnd that’s lunch this week. The end.

On a less exciting note, this is what we woke up to:0806150618Thunderstorm Thursday! Instead of getting struck by lightening I decided to take it to the treadmill.0806150620bFive easy miles while jamming out to Spotify’s Wake Up Happy playlist. I have to admit: this song did make me feel pretty happy. Even though I was on the treadmill. Here’s me flying like a friendly running ghost!0806150704I’ll be back later today with wings. Not kidding!

  • Have you ever run in lightening/thunder?
  • Ever tried panzanella?
  • What’s your favorite streaming playlist?

2 thoughts on “my dream salad + happy playlist

  1. We have monsoon season in the summer where we’ll get thunderstorms that roll in almost every day. I’ve been out caught in one before where there was thunder/lightening. Thankfully not terribly close to me and I was able to get home before it got too bad!