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my running gear wish list

(This post is sponsored by Fujisan – Premium In-Ear Headphones by Telos Acoustics. Thanks for supporting my blog!)

Hello and happy Friday! I’ve got shopping on the brain today (and every day, actually. It’s my favorite hobby outside of running, duh) and made a nice little running clothing/gear wish list to share with you guys. Maybe you’ll find something you like in the top five items I selected — or, feel free to share your own recommendations for new running gear in the comments section!

1. Lululemon’s What the Sport Short. I wrote about how amazing these shorts are a couple of weeks ago. They’re comfortable and just the right length! They’re pretty $$, but I think I’m ready to splurge on a second pair.


2. Athleta’s Cameron Gym Bag. I use an old Reebok bag that I got for free at some event when I travel on weekend trips etc. I think it’s time to upgrade to something a little more sophisticated (yet still casual). Is this not the cutest bag? (Anthony, just a friendly reminder that my birthday is in three weeks…)


3. Telos Fujisan In-Ear Headphones. After years of dealing with crappy headphones, I decided to go pretty much “off the grid” a few years ago and run in silence instead. That being said, I still use (crappy) headphones when I run on the treadmill and need the occasional boost for a track workout. Telos told me about their Kickstarter campaign and I’m really impressed with what they’re trying to achieve here! Finally — headphones designed for athletes that stay in place and sound great. If you’re looking to splurge on a new set of headphones, these “sound” like they might be the right fit. (Get it?)


4. Sensoria Fitness Bra + Heart Rate Monitor. Isn’t this a brilliant idea? I’ve dabbled with a couple heart rate monitors (remember when I ran a half marathon with a HR monitor, GoPro camera, and smartphone all at once?) and never found them very comfortable. This built-in bra might be the answer for all of you heart rate runners. You’ll only need $973 to buy a week’s worth…sensoria hr monitor sports bra

5. North Face’s Kokomo Burnout Tank. I actually already have this item, too… but I need more!

0801150552bI found this breezy tank on sale at Nordstrom Rack the other week and have loved running in it on hot, humid long runs. Here’s what the whole top looks like:


And that’s what this whole post looks like! I drafted most of it yesterday and now that I have some free time I’m going to dedicate the next hour to online shopping. What are your latest finds and wishlist items? Let me know in the comments so I can add them to my cart :)

3 thoughts on “my running gear wish list

  1. $10 off the sensilk bra with code teamsensilk.

    I have one but don’t love it because it’s not supportive enough for running, but the heart rate monitoring works well.