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Happy weekend! I’m about to bake a fresh loaf of bread (with a cinnamon stripe!) and then we’re going to Woodland Wine to pick up a bottle of vino. Life is hard.bread_dough_uncooked_DSC0008I’ll try and snap a photo of the finished loaf or full bottle if either lasts long enough :)

It’s been a big day! Starting around 4:30 a.m. with a quick cup of coffee and a really long run. East Nashville was actually awake by 5:30 or so — vendors were getting ready for the annual Tomato Festival!0808150557How often can you say you ran through a tomato?tomato painting at east nashville tomato fest 2015After a three-mile warm-up I met Anthony at Shelby Park and we headed out for 13 more. The fog was crazy cool this morning. Running on clouds.0808150647cThe original game plan was that Anthony would join me for ten miles and then I’d finish the last three miles solo. I hate ending runs alone — I need some support on those final miles! Luckily the temperature was perfect (finally under 80 degrees!) and the air was nice and crisp. So Anthony decided to hang with me until the end. What a guy.0808150653aWe even managed to pick up the pace for the last two miles. Sixteen done and it felt pretty good. Detroit Marathon, I’ll be ready for you in ten weeks.0808150816On the food front, I’ve been making sure to keep my fuel intake nice and high for all these training runs :) We headed to Hai Woon Dai last night with some friends for a “seafood pancake” that was larger than life. The pancake is apparently called Haemul Pajeon in Korean. I think I like calling it a pancake more.hai woon dai korean restaurant antioch nashville tnFor my main dish, I kept it classic with bibimbop. Also fun to say and fun to eat. For some reason the word “bibimbop” reminds me of the glorious game of Skip-It (I don’t know why I’m having all of these 90s flashbacks lately). Anyways: rice, veggies, beef, and an egg. Lots of spicy sauce. So good!hai woon dai korean restaurant antioch nashville tnAnd now we’re going to go buy that bottle of wine and check out that Tomato Festival! Hopefully some of the 40,000 people will have headed home by now :)

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