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toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe

Monday morning: Just me, this car, and a big pink sky.0810150549I headed out a little early to squeeze in some extra miles this a.m. We have a busy week coming up so I’m running as much as I can today and tomorrow!0810150558I did two miles solo and then met Katie at good old Shelby Park for five more. She just got back from a trip abroad so we had lots of catching up to do. Helped the miles fly by!0810150612aTwo more miles home with a stop to admire this shattered sidewalk mirror. #streetfurniture0810150548I was sad to feel the humidity creeping back into the air after such a cool weekend, but I can’t complain. Good run.0810150704How was the rest of your weekend? We caught up on a few things around the house on Saturday and then made it out for the last moments of the Tomato Festival!east nashville tomato arts festival fest 2015Luckily the crowds were starting to clear when we visited and it wasn’t nearly as hot as last year. And our legs were (kind of?) rested up after the morning’s long runeast nashville tomato arts festival fest 2015East Nasty. My hood.east nashville tomato arts festival fest 2015You guessed it: the theme of the tomato festival is tomatoes. Food tomatoes, art tomatoes, clothing tomatoes, jewelry tomatoes… everything. Tomatoes. (Or toe-mAh-toes, as Anthony likes to call them :) )east nashville tomato arts festival fest 2015We ended up buying this splattered tomato print. Not sure where we’ll find space to hang it but we thought it was too weird and cool to not to buy. You know?
east nashville tomato arts festival fest 2015
Then we rocked out for a bit to Myzika. Loved her music! I’m a new fan. east nashville tomato arts festival fest 2015Saturday night was fancy dinner at home night. Anthony and I both had some eventful (in a good way!) weeks at work and decided to celebrate with STEAK._DSC0028We kept it very all-American with baked potatoes and creamed spinach on the side. Classic._DSC0025After a big run and busy day, this meal hit the spot. Cheers to Anthony for mastering the art of grilling steaks. He had the whole process timed down to the millisecond! _DSC0030Wine of the evening: This Gigondas blend. We’re off to Italy in a few weeks (!!) and will be drinking pleeeeeenty of Italian wine when we get there. So until then we’re trying to branch out with some French wine for fun.wiCheers!

  • Have you ever been to Italy? Or Slovenia? (We’re going there, too)
  • Who masters the grill in your household?
  • Toe-may-toe or Toe-mah-toe?

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  1. Slovenia is beautiful! I’ve been to Ljubljana and loved it! We stayed in a hostel that used to be a prison. I remember having dinner in the city and reminding me of a miniature Paris. The countryside is very picturesque and green. Italy is great – you can’t go wrong with any city there. Have a niccola gelato for me per favore!