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track trash + ceviche fatigue

Beautiful skies this morning.0811150602And a lovely pile of trash that I got to run by 15 times! The East Lit High track is always full of surprises. 0811150558On the menu today: 6x800m; i.e., six sets of two laps around the track. 1:10 standing rest between each rep. The humidity was thick and the pace was quick. I tried my best to turn my feet over as fast as possible. At least they looked cute in my Mach 16s.0811150605My times: 3:08; 3:08; 3:07; 3:09; 3:12; 3:09. (6:20-ish/mile pace)

I started unraveling a bit at #5 but picked it up for #6. Then I posed for this photo and didn’t know what to do other than throw some thumbs up. That’s what happens when you’re still asleep and drowning in sweat at 6 a.m.0811150641Track Tuesdays are a regular part of our schedule at this point. So glad I finally found a group to run with!

Something that’s definitely not a regular occurrence in our lives: ceviche. For some reason WordPress does not recognize the word ceviche and wants to auto-correct it to “crevice.” But… anyways. Ceviche.asian-style salmon ceviche from cooksmarts. sesame asparagus on the sideWhen I saw this on the Cooksmarts menu for the week I almost replaced it with a different meal instead. Ceviche has never really been my thing; and to be honest, the whole “citrus cooking” method kind of weirds me out.

But I faced my fish fears and went for it. YOLO.asian-style salmon ceviche from cooksmarts. sesame asparagus on the sideThis was an atypical ceviche, for sure — the Cooksmarts crew gave it an Asian-style twist with soy sauce, sesame seeds, and fresh basil. The recommended fish was salmon. Also in the mix: peaches, red onions, and cucumbers! A strange combo for sure. But somehow it worked.asian-style salmon ceviche from cooksmarts. sesame asparagus on the sideWe liked this meal because it was so unique and out of the norm for us. But we didn’t LOVE it. I could eat the soy-sesame asparagus all day every day, but the rich salmon/tangy lime combo is a flavor that you just can’t consume in mass quantity. And mass quantity is the only way I like to eat.

I packed up round #2 of crevice leftovers for lunch today and have to admit that I’m feeling ceviche fatigue at this point.  BUT I’m still glad we made this dish. Life is boring unless you try new things, right?asian-style salmon ceviche from cooksmarts. sesame asparagus on the sideSpeaking of which, we’re sadly at the end of our four-month Parks & Rec binge. Any recommendations for a new comedy series to watch?

  • Parks & Rec replacement recommendations?!
  • Ceviche: yay or nay?
  • What was your latest track/speed workout?

12 thoughts on “track trash + ceviche fatigue

  1. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is hilarious! There’s only one season so far, but it’s weird and good and availablt on Netflix

      • I second the Kimmy Schmidt recommendation. I think you’d like it. Worst thing about it is that there aren’t many episodes out. I want some more!

  2. You could always revisit a classic, like Boy Meets World, Full House, Home Improvement, or Friends. Of course there’s always the funny longer show of Psych. It is hilarious. Like pee-your-pants funny. And it’s over so you can watch all seasons on Netflix.

  3. Try Odd Mom Out on Bravo- the writing is slightly over the top, but the plot lines are absolutely hilarious!!