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Nashville run & other fun.

Hello! I have a very Nashville run to share with you today. Starting with a sunrise from the east:0812150606and then all of the pretty colors reflecting off the buildings to the west. 0812150626I have a love/hate relationship with running downtown. I like the scenery but hate the uphill climb back home! Anyways, today’s views were worth it.0812150628aAs I was heading home I spotted a new “I Believe in Nashville” mural. It’s about time we got one on the east side of town! These paintings are kind of a big deal here.

And just when I thought this run couldn’t get any more scenic, I spotted a mountain of street furniture on 14th and Setliff. Wowzahs.0812150654Other eventful news of the week: Anthony and I survived our first babysitting gig! Our friends asked us to watch their kiddo the other night and we got an A+. Note that their son was already asleep  when we showed up so basically our only job was to hang out with the cat. Lola LOVED Anthony and it was hilarious.0810152100Locals: If you’re looking for a top-rated babysitter, give me a call. As my friend Tracee can tell you, my rate is one pint of Talenti per hour.
When we haven’t been eating ice cream this week, we’ve been enjoying these wraps!mediterranean chicken wraps with tomato-cucumber saladWe’ve had after-work events the past few nights so I’m glad that Cooksmarts had this simple meal on the menu. Slow-cooked Mediterranean-style chicken wrapped up with arugula, mozzarella, and a homemade balsamic yogurt/mayo spread. Simple tomato and cucumber salad on the side — with a pool of dressing running wild!mediterranean chicken wraps with tomato-cucumber saladAs for today’s eats, I’m filling up on as many crunchy foods as I can this morning before I embark on ten hours of a liquid diet. TWO more fillings at the dentist coming up — wish me luck!

  • Nashvillians: Have you spotted an “I Believe in Nashville” sign yet?
  • Are you afraid of the dentist?
  • Favorite ice cream flavor?