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Good morning!0813150629dIt was a beautiful morning for a run. Low humidity, lots of golden sun. I found my happy place.0813150629aAnthony and I ran around the air park together this morning. Or at least I think we did. As you can tell we were both still asleep.0813150629cFlawless run other than that moment when the train started coming and we had to sprint across the tracks.0813150610dEven though we love our sweaty 6 a.m. run dates, Anthony and I have been making an effort to do more actual real-life dates, too. For the past couple months we’ve alternated planning weekly date nights.It’s a fun way to brighten up the work week!

My pick last week: a Nashville Sounds game. (You can read the baseball-related “how Anthony and I met” story here, by the way)nashville sounds game0806152019Anthony’s pick this week: dinner at Miss Saigon, a Vietnamese gem off of Charlotte Avenue. If this restaurant doesn’t say romance, I don’t know what does.miss_saigon_vietnamese_nashville_DSC0095If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know that we love pho. I even quit my job a couple of years ago so that I could go to Vietnam and eat as much pho as possible. We’ve been craving a good bowl of pho and Yelp said that this was the spot.

Inside, Miss Saigon is cozy and quirky. I need that pho sign fo’ our kitchen.miss_saigon_vietnamese_nashville_DSC0098There were only a handful of other diners last night and some strange mod/disco music was playing in the restaurant. Loved it.miss_saigon_vietnamese_nashville_DSC0097We shared some rolls to start! One order of fresh shrimp spring rolls…miss_saigon_vietnamese_nashville_DSC0100And one order of egg rolls that looked very much like cigars._DSC0101Then it was time for the main event: PHO! We thought this pho was really tasty — full of cinnamon and spice! It was a little skimpy on the meat but other than that, I think it was pretty perfect. And at $8.50 per gallon-sized bowl, we can’t complain.miss_saigon_vietnamese_nashville_DSC0103I don’t think fortune cookies are an authentic Vietnamese thing, but I’m going to roll with it. Because look!_DSC0113Ha.

Any other fun date night recommendations?

Local readers: Ending this post with a few final notes from around town!