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weekend check-in: 17 miles & the MC hot wing festival

Hello! How’s your weekend going? We’ve got a bit of rain here but haven’t let it stop us. Get ready for a very long blog post. Starting with Saturday’s run!0815150739cI was going to meet up with the PR Bandits, but their starting point for the group run this week was a 40-minute drive from our house. So Katie, Lizzie, Anthony, and I met up for a run closer to home instead. 0815150739_Burst04We ran about eight miles together and then Lizzie and I journeyed on for more while Anthony and Katie turned back. Despite some thunder during miles 8-15, the rain held off!0815150739Lizzie and I chatted away as we jogged along through Shelby Park. We felt pretty good but were nervous about the last two miles when we had to run up the Riverside Dr. hill, aka “The Nasty.” So steep. 0815150739gBUT we did it. And then we were greeted by this fabulous street couch at the top of it all. 0815150849Seventeen miles, done. We went Garmin-less so I’ll never know what our actual pace was. It felt fast, though!

After the run and a short rest, it was time for WINGS.music city hot wings festival 2015 in nashville tnDespite a bit of rain, the Music City Hot Wings Festival was still fired up and in full swing. This year the event was held along the riverfront. New location and a lot more attendees than last year!music city hot wings festival 2015 in nashville tnmusic city hot wings festival 2015 in nashville tnWe sampled wings from just about every single one of the 15+ competitors. It was a daunting task but we were up for the challenge.music city hot wings festival 2015 in nashville tnOne of my favorites was the “Nashville Hot Chicken” wing from Pleasant View Village Diner. Hot, but not deadly hot._DSC0138We also sampled a few not-quite-as-tasty wings, like the ones from Pizza Hut’s “Wing Street.” Um, no. Ha._DSC0137
In my opinion, the thousands of wings we ate for the first couple hours were just a warm-up for NWO, though. I’m obsessed with these wing makers.music city hot wings festival 2015 in nashville tnNot surprisingly, the NWO wings were the best wings we tried — and given the length of the line of people from their tent, it’s safe to say that everyone else at the festival thought so, too. (Though Wildhorse Saloon somehow took first place. I demand a re-taste 😉 !) music city hot wings festival 2015 in nashville tnWe loved winging out at the MC Hot Wing Festival again. Thanks to the Hot Wing team for having us! music city hot wings festival 2015 in nashville tnAfter the festival we were a bit soggy and our mouths were on fire. Not exaggerating: one of the NWO wings brought me to tears!

So when we passed by the Filling Station tap room on our way home we had to stop in to cool and dry off. This Fat Bottom ginger wheat (disregard the Yazoo glass) hit the spot! _DSC0153The sun finally came out so we decided to walk home from there. Finally got my shot in front of the Nashville sign!
And then we passed by Five Points Pizza… oops.
We had a few slices and walked another mile home! It was a very big day but a fun one for sure. Anthony and I are both traveling for work this week, so it was nice to devote a full day to mass amounts of running, eating, and drinking together.
A full day, indeed! I was asleep before 8 p.m.: no shame. I dreamed about wings. The end.

What have you been up to this weekend?

3 thoughts on “weekend check-in: 17 miles & the MC hot wing festival

  1. mmm wings! That festival sounds like my kind of thing!

    Easy weekend over here. Did some gardening and last night went to a Night Race. I’m benched right now, but my 3yr old ran his first race! He ran a KM run and had a blast